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And it's J.D. Fortune.


I can understand why, the women love him and his sound is a lot like that of the late Michael Hutchence (which makes him ideal for their back catalog of songs). My dislike of JD is based entirely on things he said and did when he wasn't singing and his first performance (which was a bit too crotch-grabby). It's a personal dislike, if you can use that term for someone you have never, and will never, actually meet.

Will I still listen to INXS? Sure, if they make songs I like (the world premiere of Easy, Easy closed the show and that sounded decent).

At least they're talking about having Marty (the runner up) open for them on the world tour. And Dave Navarro offered to play guitar for Marty if he needed one, that won't hurt his future career either. (And I won't even bother to attempt a denial of the fact I find Marty and Dave hot and would enjoy watching them on stage together again.)

So all in all I'm cool with the outcome. INXS now sounds like INXS then. And with any luck Marty, Suzie, Jordis, Deanna, and Tara (my favorites) will all have successful careers. (Or perhaps return for next season? I wonder which band will look for a new singer next?)


Sep. 14th, 2005 10:02 pm
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They sent Suzie home. Her performance of Suicide Blonde was far better than MiG's performance of Want You Need and yet they kept him.

It's down to Marty, JD, and MiG now and dammit Marty had better win!
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Well Jordis Unga has been sent home. At this stage (the top five) it's not about who is the better singer (they're all excellent at this point) but who is the best fit for the band in both personality and singing style. I'm hoping that INXS and Dave Navaro are going to do a bit more than the very public declaration of being Jordis fans. Dave at least said that he will be making music with her in the future.

I adore Jordis. I have since the very first show (where she was the first performer we saw), but I have to admit the last few weeks have shown that, as awesome as she is, she's just not a good fit for the band. I'll be watching for her solo career though.

It's down to four now, Marty, Suzie, MiG, and JD. I think MiG will be the next to go (as much as I wish it were JD). He's just doesn't fit the band as well as the others in my opinion. Of course he's also the one whose voice and singing style that does the least for me.

JD... it's not his voice or singing that makes me dislike him, it's his attitude. His lack of preparedness is unprofessional and when he's criticized, for any reason, he gives off the "kid who knows he's down wrong but is trying to weasel out of it" vibe. I don't hate him but he irritates the hell out of me.

Marty. If Nirvana ever wanted to get back together they'd need Marty to stand in for Kurt Cobain. I think I'd actually prefer that Marty not win, just so I can follow his solo career.

Suzie. Just wow. From the girl that forgot her lyrics in the first show to this week... O.O I think she's really the best fit. She's sweet and nice, something very refreshing in a rockstar, and now that she's been polished a bit... just wow, again. And she sings INXS well.

So I want Suzie to win but would be okay if Marty did. I want JD to crash and burn because, I admit it, I'd enjoy seeing him knocked down several pegs. (Though he might be one of those people that I could enjoy his solo career while thinking he's a dick.) And I wish MiG the best but he's just not standing out for me musically.

And dangit, I want to see Jordis Unga all over the CD racks and hear her all over the radio. :)
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I'm not feeling that well today, but much better now than twelve hours ago so I'm not complaining.

The broken lamp has a new shade. The style is different and it's smaller but with the bead trim from the old shade added it really looks rather nice. It does need a bit of work still, it wasn't meant for this style of lamp so it has an extra "lip" that I'm trying to figure out how to remove. I have a bottle cutter but the glass is a bit thicker than your average bottle. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a dremel and some sort of cutting/grinding wheel.

[livejournal.com profile] hafoc, being the sweetie he is, actually bought me another lamp the day after the first took a header. He tried to sneak it in on his lunch hour but I happened to be in the house at the time so the sneaking didn't go so well. :)

On an unrelated note, I think people should go to his journal congratulate him on his first paid publication. :)

What else... I have brackets for the shelf. I have some doubts over whether or not the center bracket will hold though. The shelf is an odd shape, sort of an elongated and slightly lopsided D, and while the ends are 10" the center is 18" (the whole thing is 6' long). The widest portion will be right over my monitor (to save it from the cats jumping on it and sleeping on the vents) and I'm having visions of the cats jumping on the edge over the monitor and their weight flipping the shelf off the brackets, even with the shelf screwed to them. Maybe I'll bolt the shelf to the brackets, at least at the back edge.

I'm addicted to a reality TV show. Yes, I know, it's totally wrong. Read more... )

Wow, that was a long ramble now wasn't it?

Now for a silly "quiz" thing )

[livejournal.com profile] toshirodragon just keeps popping up in these things. :)
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LiveJournal Username
Where is the new CSI set?
Playing the stern, self-controlled team leaderginger_fetish
Is mainly eye-candyjirris_midvale
Plays the lab geektoshirodragon
Plays the morbid forensic doctorstorm_dragon
Plays the weapon-obsessed martial artist ballistics expertdewhitton
Plays the real cop who is always out with the CSI teamjoisbishmyoga
Number of seasons on the air6
Percentage of main actors who go on to have big movie careers
This Fun Quiz created by Jacob Kl√ľnder at BlogQuiz.Net
Leo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

So, think I should pitch the idea of CSI: Atlantis at CBS? (I actually think it would be sort of cool, if done right. Of course they'd have to actually work out the rules of their advanced science/magic beforehand....)
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"Maybe we can alert everyone--don't want to be murdered after your fling/affair/tryst/hook-up? Whatever you do, DON'T PUT YOUR BRA BACK ON TO GO TO SLEEP! It's like drinking in a horror movie, you are definitely going to die."

I love Television Without Pity. :)
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I'll hop in the bandwagon for this one. And expand it a bit.
  • I shall list 15 fandoms I'm involved with.
  • You shall guess my favorite character/person and my favorite pairing/One True Pairing.
  • I shall update the list by:
    • putting the fandom with correctly guessed characters in bold
    • putting the fandom with correctly guessed pairings in italics
See the list here. )
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So I was reading some CSI episode recaps on Television Without Pity and decided to try searching on the phrase "performed fellatio on my wife" (can you guess which episode I was reading about?). There were four hits, two leading to the same article, one to an episode transcript, and one to this blog.

I'm fascinated by "deviant" behavior in humans, which should be of no surprise to anyone, I've been involved with furry for a about a decade after all. I'm also fascinated by the contortions we go through to fit language around amorphous mental concepts such as gender identity and sexuality. Frankly, I should have been some sort of social scientist, it's a pity that my mental state going into college had primed me to stay as far away from touchy-feely personalities as possible.

Of course I'm also fascinated by cultures and history and science and a few dozen other things so really, no matter what I had studied, I'd have some level of regret that I had not studied something else.
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You scored as Willow Rosenberg. You are a very smart individual. Though, like everyone else, you've made mistakes. You've changed over the last few years, so have a lot of things in your life, but you've got great friends who love you and are there for you through anything.


Willow Rosenberg


Dawn Summers




Tara Maclay


Buffy Summers




Rupert Giles


Xander Harris


Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?
created with QuizFarm.com

Well of the few episodes I've seen the one with the vampire Willow in leather certainly stuck with me....

I suppose I should head to bed. Given my dreams last night/this morning I'm not looking forward to it. You know how some folks get night terrors? Well I get night rages occasionally. Nothing quite like waking up all pissed off, jaw sore from being clenched, whole body aching from the tension. It's been a few years since the last time I had one. I actually remember what I was angry about in last night's, and the personal insight was not very cheery, or favorable. Nor was it news. If I'm going to have an anger hangover in the morning is it too much to ask for a bit of enlightenment to go with the muscle aches?

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