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Aug. 18th, 2009 03:15 pm
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Exciting, I know, but this one suits the way I use my journal better. And it even has a nice purple scheme!

That said, I did rack up some tweaks of the not-entirely-cosmetic sort on it. Changing the colors of the navbar? Cosmetic. Making the custom friendsreading colors work? Not cosmetic. In fact the "User posting in Community" line was being stomped on by the usericon before I started tweaking anything so the bulk of my tweaks in that area were fixes of the hack and slap variety (my CSS use is pretty basic all considered).

So, a brief summary of changes:
- Hid the little icons under my name over in the sidebar (they didn't blend nice)
- Ditched the underlines on links and tweaked the link colors
- Tweaked the layout credit module to actually fit in the sidebar
- De-emphasized the "powered by" and "page generated at" modules by making the text smaller
- Moved the "user posting in community" bit on entries to the right by 6.8ems
- Moved the entry content down by 2.5ems so there's some space under the usericon
- Enlarged the usericon space on entries to fit around the custom color borders on the reading page
- Tweaked the positioning of the icon in the space so it was centered (for 100x100 icons at least)
- Added "reading color" to my own icon so my Recent page would look good with the previous fixes
- Recolored the navbar to match the scheme
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And since I think my friends might want to take note of the change, have a look at my username.

Yep, I finally broke down and bought a rename token. If it weren't for the fact that I had the money in my paypal account and said account is really hard to get cash out of, I wouldn't have spent the $15 for the rename token. But, since I did and since it is (and since I had this username claimed since last May) I did it.

All the stuff that was linked to "tephra_adularia" will still come here, just the journal is [ profile] tephralynn now (conveniently the same as my DeviantART username).

Please to be using the new username when you link me in the future. :)

Now to convert Semagic over to the new username since I have a gazillion taglist files....
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It's silly but I finally came up with a possible title to this journal, but I can't remember enough about taxonomy to make it "real enough" (if I ever knew that much about taxonomy).

I first thought I'd do the family, genus, and species for Tephra but that begs the whole question of dragon taxonomy so I decided to work it all out and then decide how much to use. So far I have:

Kingdom: Animalia (though with Teph this is possibly debatable, she doesn't think of herself as a rock though so Mineralia is a bit insulting, not to mention an outdated kingdom)
Phylum: Chordata (also debatable, she doesn't really need any sort of internal structure at all but she looks like vertabrate)
Class: Draconia (seems the place to specify "dragon" since I don't think of them as reptiles or mammals)
Order: Occidenta (western style, two pairs of legs, one pair of wings)
Family: My non-existent Greek and mostly forgotten Latin have failed me, I want something that means "middle wing" since Teph's limbs arranged forelegs/arms, wings, legs
Genus: Lith- something, since Teph is both composed of stone and consumes stone there's a fair amount of play here
Species: Tephridae or something, Tephra is one of a kind after all :)

So, anyone have ideas?
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New icon, new color scheme (obviously).

Not much else to say other than that there's a larger version of the icon here and that I'm rather proud of it (especially the gold bits).
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I reached the limit of what a free account could do with the Unearthed layout. I can either not have a user icon or I can have it appear on every single entry. Neither option appeals. If it were possible to swap the calendar for a user image with a free account I'd switch to Unearthed, even with the fat sidebar on the entries that remains even with the icons turned off. Though the lack of friends colors on the friends page and the inability to turn off the user icon on the recent entries page and leave them in the friends page would require me to retrain myself. I browse my friends page by color.

All moot though, back to A Sturdy Gesture.
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Well it looks like I'll be keeping this layout, boring as I'm finding it to be by this time. I tried several (as anyone checking my journal for the last couple hours probably noticed) but the few that I could tolerate (Generator, Classic, Clean and Simple, and Unearthed) each has some problem that just tweaked the heck out of me.

Generator doesn't allow free accounts to change the box width (and even if it did it seems to require a pixel width rather than a percentage). It also lacks a separate box border color (making it the same as the box header color) and forces an outline on the user icon. As it should be obvious, my latest icon was designed to blend into the box content, the outline makes that impossible.

Classic was okay I suppose but it ran the links list into the "Below are the 20 most recent journal entries..." line. It also didn't allow a different color for the entry text making for the heck of a lot of icy blue.

Clean and Simple forced a user icon outline on me. It also could have used a box outline color to make it pop from the page background more.

Unearthed is just insanely complicated. Which if I could actually look at the code and play with it wouldn't bother me but the assorted dialogs approach makes me twitch.It also suffers from the bug that makes for a irritating display foible in Firefox. If I ignore the scrollbar that shows up on the bottom of the page because of it I guess I could deal, but that sort of thing just tweaks me.

So for now, expect either A Sturdy Gesture or some mutant version of Unearthed here, if the latter I apologize for burnt retinas (some of the themes are garish to say the least) and other disturbing side effects while I'm bashing about.
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[profile] dewhitton posted a bit on these custom lj user icons for links to journals. Since there was a lack of raptors there I made one for [personal profile] hafoc. With only 17x17 pixels to work with that was a bit of a challenge. Not bad for a first attempt though.
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New color scheme again. I may be changing the layout too, if I can find another layout that includes the links and doesn't plaster my icon all over the page.
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Okay, color scheme tweaking done.

Unless someone whose opinion matters gives me reason to change it.

Or I just wake up tomorrow and go 'that sucks'. :)

New stuff

May. 18th, 2004 02:55 pm
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Okay, I'm in a rush so here's the short version:

New LJ icon and color scheme to go with, not happy with color scheme, will tweak later

Big version of LJ icon here

More new stuff on homepage, check the news

Got to run, 'see' you later

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