Aw, crap.

May. 15th, 2008 07:49 pm
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Way too close to my last NaNo for comfort. While the dolls weren't the focus of my novel, they were pretty significant, and while Elyza technically isn't a doll there are too many similarities for comfort. :(

Shit. I liked my novel in progress.

Jossed and I wasn't even writing fanfic. :P


Nov. 30th, 2007 10:12 pm
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I started out Monday with 23,376 words and I just hit 51,628 which validated as 50,236 words.

28,252 words in five days, talk about a sprint to the finish.
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EditPad: 50,004
NaNoSite: 48,670

Yep, about what I expected.
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I just went over forty six thousand words on this year's NaNoWriMo novel. While that would seem to say I just need four thousand more to win the reality is that I probably need five or six thousand words still. The verifier just eats words. I can't figure out if it doesn't count single letter words like "I" and "a" or even if it counts hyphenated words as one or two, but it boils down to a discrepancy between my word count in EditPad and what NaNo's site says I have.

I finally gave the thing I title. I'm calling it Dead Dolls, though it's really hard to name something that isn't finished and is still wandering around trying to find a definite plot.

Yes, nearly fifty thousand words and still no plot. This year's novel is much weaker than last year's in that respect. I'm feeling around the edges of something though. If I take some time to actually follow some of the threads I'm picking up to their logical beginnings and ends I might figure out the theme at least. In cyberpunk tradition I seem to be getting some social commentary in there.

In true "Tephie is writing stuff" tradition I also seem to be playing the "are they or aren't they" bit with my characters. Sierna definitely was last year, with just about anyone that caught her eye. Elyza and Aeryn (the weird spellings started out as maybe something significant and now are both less and more so) might be, but probably aren't, but they might have once, and could in the future, possibly again. Yeah.

Well I want to try to get a few more thousand words down before I sleep so I will have time to go over fifty thousand tomorrow so it will verify before time is up. I'll let you know if I "win" or not tomorrow.
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40,050 words as of now. Just 10k left, and then probably another 1500 to make sure it will verify.

Man, for all the days I wrote nothing I'm really surprised that I'm this close to making it.

Note to self for next year:

You write more, faster, if you have characters you can send off in different directions!

I don't know if Aaron Moritz will come back into the story and find out that Elyza isn't dead, but his flashback gave me a huge boost on Monday and made this sprint possible. It cost him his legs, but that's okay, they grew back. (Hurray for cyberpunk medicine!)


Nov. 26th, 2007 11:57 pm
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I might not win NaNo this year, but I just went from 23,376 to 30,050 today so maybe I just might make it. I just have to figure out what happens next.

I got through today by having more characters to track, alas, I just killed one off. Though I gave the other some past history with one of my main characters, which might generate some long sections of verbiage. Pity they aren't going to meet soon, since he thinks she's dead and all. I don't think she'd approve of how he's changed over the years, if she remembers him.

Also, I finished knitting Mom's scarf for Christmas. The garter stitch scarf of DOOM, is done, I just need to weave the tails and graft the ends so it's a moebius. I might end up picking out the first row, it depends on if the start and ending points are in the right orientation for grafting. Not a big deal either way.

Woohoo! I broke 30k! Four days left so at least 5k a day will make it (I want to get more than that though because I know the verifier is going to eat at least 1000 words on me). If I can think of things to write I can still win. :D
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I'm about 12k behind. :(

But I did get 3k down today so it's moving at least. Winning is still possible, if I can manage about 3400 words a day. :P

After I get some sleep I'm going to try to get to 30k between the various stages of making apple pie from scratch. That will be a smidgen over 7k in one day though, so I have my doubts but I won't know unless I try and all that.

I lost some time on the NaNo by working on some knitting. I have two projects to finish for Christmas and now one of them is almost complete and the other I know I can finish if I take the time to put some movies on and knit while I watch.

The hat I knitted Saturday didn't do anything for any of my goals but it scratched the itch for starting something new. It's not done, I don't like the way the brim is going, but I have a life line in there so I'm going to rip back to that eventually. I'll start the brim a couple rows earlier on larger needles to compensate for this particular worsted being on the heavy side (and very "sticky", what a bitch to knit with).

It was more of a "keep me entertained" project than anything else so I might do just the first layer of the brim and bind off without cutting the yarn and try it on. If I don't like how it looks at that point I can frog the whole thing and not really mind. The yarn was a bit heavy for the project anyway. I did learn to do two over two cables without a cable needle by doing the hat though. And really, it would look better in a color rather than black. It's hard to see stitch detail in black.

I tried knitting continental today... I think I'll stick with English/throwing. I know I'd get quicker with practice, and I did have a few points of quick knitting, but the tensioning issues were driving me nuts. I just can't work how to run the yarn in my left hand and not have it be either far too loose or far too tight. (It's sort of weird, I crochet and can tension the yarn for that okay, but not for the knitting. O.o )

And after just fifty or so stitches my left hand started cramping up something awful. It's just a weird position to have my fingers in.

After a few rows of knitting when I was finally able to stay pretty constant on speed and tension I tried purling... I can see why so many people say they have different gauges between knitting flat and in the round now, and why so many people have rowing out issues. My continental purls were astoundingly loose. Sure, practice would probably fix the tensioning, but I suspect I'd cripple my already problematic left hand by trying.
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Unless I get on a roll and have a couple truly spectacular days I won't have a chance to win. I should be hitting 20k and I'm not even at 16.

I like the characters, but there's no real story, just a situation to get out of and they're nearly out now. I have no ideas about what happens next. They get out, they get to a safe house, they bitch at their boss, that's about it. Here's hoping some inspiration hits soon.
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Unless I get on a roll and have a couple truly spectacular days I won't have a chance to win. I should be hitting 20k and I'm not even at 16.

I like the characters, but there's no real story, just a situation to get out of and they're nearly out now. I have no ideas about what happens next. They get out, they get to a safe house, they bitch at their boss, that's about it. Here's hoping some inspiration hits soon.
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Still no idea where the story is going.

Have discovered a distressing habit to wander into talking head territory.

Like the characters, very WTF on the story. Though the idea of zombies created with technology for use as cannon fodder is oddly interesting. Of course someone else in the house has done it better, now that I think about it.

This original story is not as original as I would like I think.

I was lazy on Sunday so I'm trying to catch up today. Treating myself to an anime episode every 500 words seems to work pretty well.

I hope to have at least 8000 words when I stop tonight (which might be really early tomorrow with my habits).

My knitting is not going well with the writing. I need to do an inch of slip stitch rib on this hat and I hate my size 5 circulars. They are plastic and too flexy. Since the only place to get circulars in lengths other than 24"* is the yarn store I'm trying to hold off buying another one ($10 a circular, cripes!) since I am broke and have hopes for a Christmas gift of an interchangeable set. (I swear, if I don't get one for Christmas I'm going to squeeze the money from somewhere because I can get a set for the price of 5 or 6 regular circulars and save a ton of money in the long run.)

I still have a skein and a half on the garter stitch scarf, that's pretty damned boring to knit and I should leave it out where I will be tempted to pick it up and do a row here and there. The hat is currently in the prime sitting out spot though.

I'm not sure the dalek is going to make it. I'm using Caron Simply Soft on size 4s and there's something funky going on every knit to purl switch, it's loose and it shouldn't be. It's hard to tell though because I don't have enough rows to get a real good look at it. I'm actually very proficient with DPNs but you couldn't tell from this thing. I may frog it and use the yarn for something else, provided I can find some grey in another brand. I don't know. I did decide that bobbles are right out because they are boring, boring, boring to knit. I will be using some purchased mini pompoms instead. Assuming I actually finish a dalek.

*Annoyingly, 24" is actually usable for hats for myself or either of the Bills I might knit for, but the hat is for Dad and his head is only 21", hence having already had to buy one $10 circular for it. If the DPNs hadn't been getting annoying I wouldn't have bought it, short circulars don't get much use in my knitting, sleeves and hats, that's about it.
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So here it is, about five and a half hours to NaNo'07 kick off, and Sierna (the main character from NaNo'06) is chattering her little hamsterish head off about how the kinless are treated in her home culture.

WTF hamstergirl? Where was this info this time last year?

Yes, yes, I'll start a TiddlyWiki for you. I promise to stick these little details in there and get back to them later. Maybe I'll be insane enough to do NaNoFiMo with your story, okay? But I swear, if this year's NaNo actually ends at 50k (unlike yours, which is what, half, maybe?) I'm doing NaNoEdMo for it instead and you'll just have to wait since you didn't speak up all year.


Oct. 31st, 2007 12:50 am
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I have two characters! I have basic personalities on them and some very vague ideas about what they do but that's something to work with in the next 23 hours. :D

Of course I'm going to have to sleep for some of those hours but hey, I have characters now. They mentioned four other character names and I get an impression of one of them so maybe I'll have three shortly.

Now I just have to figure out what they hell they are doing for at least 50,000 words.


Ooh, hey, there's a plot idea. *pounces and writes that down before she forgets*


NaNoWriMo is ON!
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And I have no clue what I'm going to write.

I have vague urges toward steampunk or cyberpunk but no real ideas. The occasional flash of a ruined city taken over by jungle isn't really fitting with either genre for me.

I was going to do the 30 Days of World Building thing but it really doesn't fit all that well with the way stories tend to develop for me. To save you a click and perusal of the site the steps there go pretty much like this:

1. Think of climates, figure out what sort of adjectives fit with them and the emotions you attach to them.
2. Learn some geography and climatology. Think of weather related plot devices and what they can do to the story.
3. Decide the mood you want for your story. Pick a matching climate.
4. Large scale land features and how they might be made.
5. Draw a map.
6. Make up races of people that evolved in the various regions of your map.
7. The last 100 years of history, including natural disasters, politics, wars, disease, etc.
8. Refine your economics and politics.
9. Language, what do the languages of each race sound like.
10. Make everything fit your mood.

You get the idea. I'm not a mood writer. Mood is basically the LAST thing I consider. Generally I start from characters. Last NaNo was very atypical of my writing in that I started with a specific setting, made the world in order to make that one place exist, built the culture from that place, and eventually found some people there that were interesting to write about.

I have about 10 days to think of something. I need a different approach to finding a story.

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