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Apparently there is a kickstarter for a new steampunk RPG called Tephra. I found this out due to some freelance reporter not bothering to check that the account they were linking in their tweet actually belonged to the RPG.

I've been using the name Tephra online since.... hmm, I think 1996. It might have been '95 but I'm quite sure it was before '97.

Anyway, reading about the RPG is surreal since they just call it Tephra in their ad copy.

My standing in the Google search results for "tephra" have been falling for about a decade since I stopped doing my Paint Shop Pro tutorials and such. Maybe this will push me off the first page, that might be fun for change. XD
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With so many people from Fandom securing backup journals all over the place maybe it would be a good idea for me to mention where else I can be found.

I am Tephra at JournalFen, GreatestJournal, and InsaneJournal. Feel free to friend me at any or all of them if you think my sporadic ramblings are worth it. :)

Just what sort of stuff do I put in these journals? Well that's a bit of a question right now but here's how it breaks down at the moment:

LJ - My original, and still main, journal. This gets everything, though I'm more likely to link fannish stuff off to JF these days. Lately it's been shoes, knitting, and recipes but it does get life updates, memes/quizzes, and when my creative side isn't flaking out, artwork. Look for daily NaNoWriMo status reports in November.

IJ and GJ - I really don't know what is going to end up on these, my current thinking is that they'll be mirrors of my JF account, which I decided would get my fannish thoughts and creative works. Ultimately it will depend on the sorts of communities that develop on those sites. If one of them turns out to have an active knitting community, for example, then the odds are that my journal there will have knitting stuff.
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Got Transitions lens?

Make yourself a stencil that will block sunlight and fits on the lens of your glasses.

Set the glasses, with the stencil positioned over the lenses, on a bright sunny windowsill and go take a shower or nap.*

Enjoy and interestingly shaded world until your lenses equalize their tint again.

*Alternately, set your glasses in a interestingly shaded portion of the windowsill without a stencil.
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And since I think my friends might want to take note of the change, have a look at my username.

Yep, I finally broke down and bought a rename token. If it weren't for the fact that I had the money in my paypal account and said account is really hard to get cash out of, I wouldn't have spent the $15 for the rename token. But, since I did and since it is (and since I had this username claimed since last May) I did it.

All the stuff that was linked to "tephra_adularia" will still come here, just the journal is [livejournal.com profile] tephralynn now (conveniently the same as my DeviantART username).

Please to be using the new username when you link me in the future. :)

Now to convert Semagic over to the new username since I have a gazillion taglist files....
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I don't mean higher walls between people or anything that might make people think vague thoughts of poorly run voting systems, I mean higher tables. *stretches and listens to her back crackle and pop* Or at least ones sturdy enough that you could actually lean on them while you were filling in your ballot. :P

So I did my duty and told the Republicans to fuck off, not that it will actually do anything up here (this is a very Republican area), but at least I secured my right to bitch about the government.

And I treated myself to a variegated burgundy, pink (yes, I said pink, but it's mostly burgundy), and white fuzzy hat. Because it's fun and not black like every other hat I've owned for the last 10 years. It actually looks... not that bad on me too. I might wish that the matching gloves had burgundy hands rather than the deep pink, but I can live with them. They're my "traveling" gloves anyway, they're too light to actually do anything in the middle of winter (like scraping snow off the jeep) but they're not that bulky and good for stuffing a pocket and forgetting about in California.
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I called to activate the new card for my Borders visa and I got a real live person with an English accent!

What? No irritating computer menu? No unintelligible Indian accent? Whatever is the world coming to?


Aug. 3rd, 2006 02:30 pm
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I missed Tuesday's digger (number 323) so I have no clue who they are talking about today. I'm assuming it's the leader of the hyena tribe....

I knew I should have written a perl script to check the site and grab the images while I was here. :P
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I installed the Stumble Upon extension for Firefox today and found this.

Not as fun a tormenting The Shrub but it is a rather neat bit of programming.

And a neat flash animation about what goes on on your Windows desktop when you're not watching.

Lastly, a nifty art toy. draw something and then let the Scribbler scribble it into something rather impressive.
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This being northern Michigan the new ceiling is getting a vapor barrier, foam board insulation, firring strips for fastening the new ceiling in place, and more foam insulation board between the firring strips. In order to seal the seams, and also to make it easier to work with, the ceiling is also getting a liberal amount of duct tape. To keep the duct tape handy [livejournal.com profile] hafoc is wearing it around his neck on a long leather thong.

Northwoods Bling.
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Found via [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes:

[livejournal.com profile] kalischild encounters Napoleon Dorkemite in a club.
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I was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] toshirodragon, the usual small talk type stuff (interspersed with squeeing over the cool art she gave me) and I made this comment regarding the need to restock the food supply:

"I made soup from the fandom bits that I had around last night, those ingredients where you don't have quite enough to make a meal from"

Given that I was reading [livejournal.com profile] fanficrants and various other fandom related communities at the time it almost makes sense. The philosophy of crossovers perhaps, or of cosplay art. Or convention planning.
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Pardon me while I do a series of silly celebratory dances. :)

I thought I'd end up refreshing the 999 all day. If the person that hit 1000 is reading this,

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I've been unable to connect to AIM or ICQ with Trillian for at least the last 12 hours (possibly longer). Has anyone else had that problem?

And three more days until I've been on deviantART for a year and I'm only 12 pageviews short of 1000. Stop by my gallery and have a look please?
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How "most Americans" see the world.

I know I'm not that good at placing a lot of countries on the map but damn.

In my case there would be a label in the middle of Africa saying "a bunch of countries that changed their names at least six times since I was in school" and probably another in eastern Europe saying "former soviet republics." And South America would probably get one as well, in the middle again. And Indonesian would get a label. But dammit, I can do better than THAT with no references.
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Patriotic Seafood? (Flash, has sound)
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An interesting stress test type thingy. Though if you are stressed and prone to motion sickness this might not be a good link to follow.
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Do NOT eat or drink anything while reading this.

I'm glad I only have three indoor cats to deal with.
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Important tip for the pierced:

When one has an 18ga hole through one's nostril it is important to remember this fact when using cleansing products, particularly those that are both liquid and astringent.

You'd think after the episode with the extra loopy washcloth and a half healed nostril (wherein the iitty bitty bit of titanium was accidentally ripped from its delicate flesh tunnel in an exquisitely painful manner) I'd think of things like this before I discover them empirically.
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I am worth $1,882,270.00 on HumanForSale.com

Requires an email address, I used my "address to use with likely spammers" address of course.

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