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I'm just one of those random people on the internet with too many hobbies. I'm also one of the mythological anime fans over the age of 30 40.

The OpenIDs of and are both me.

Interests (137):

abjd, alchemy, andre norton, animals, anime, anthropology, anthropomorphics, archaeology, art, beading, big cats, bishounen, body modification, bookbinding, books, boots, candles, cats, computers, cooking, cordwaining, corsets, costuming, crafts, crochet, cryptozoology, darker than black, death note, deserts, diy, dragons, drawing, dreamcatchers, edwardian fashion, eiki eiki, elizabethan fashion, esp, eyeglasses, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fangs, fantasy, femslash, forerunners, forests, fullmetal alchemist, furries, furry, gates, geology, ghost hunt, ghost in the shell, goth, gothic fashion, gryphons, harry potter, herbalism, history, incense, industrial rock, j-rock, jewelry, kittens, knitting, knives, leather, lost civilizations, magic, manga, mountains, music, mythology, naono bohra, naruto, occult, oceans, one piece, ouran highschool host club, paint shop pro, painting, paku romi, pantheism, paranormal, philosophy, piercing, pin-ups, rainbows, reading, red hair, renaissance faires, renaissance fashion, rock music, rurouni kenshin, saiyuki, sakuragi yaya, science, science fiction, seirei no moribito, sewing, shippuuden, shoe making, shoemaking, shoes, slash, smut, snarksexual, spirals, spiritualism, steampunk, stone circles, storms, studio ghibli, supernatural, swords, tachikoma, taishi zaou, tattoos, therianthropy, thunder, tigers, unix, vampires, victorian fashion, violet eyes, waff, wildcrafting, windchimes, witch hunter robin, witchcraft, wolf's rain, wolves, worldgates, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho, yuri
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