Nov. 30th, 2009 05:03 pm
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It has been a slog. I spent more days behind the quota than ahead of it. The first fifteen thousand words or more could be cut off and nothing of substance would be lost. The story has no end because the plot barely started to congeal before it fell apart. But I'm okay with all that because I kept writing anyway. And I do love Apollonia, Marcus, Abraham, Ersilia, and Muriel and I think they could get together into something with a real plot at some point. Maybe next year even. :D

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Well I haven't updated in a while so here we go.

NaNo: Last Sunday and Monday (the 8th and 9th) I didn't write at all so the whole week has been a slog of trying not to fall any further behind. I had a good day today and finally, finally hit a spot where the words didn't require concentrating until I sweated blood to get the out. I'm still behind but I wrote 3k today and if I can manage that again tomorrow I will be caught up.

Knitting: I've got eight inches done on the vest for my Mom for Christmas. That's about 40% complete since Mom is shorter than I am.

Estes Vest - WIP 1

I'm a bit farther along that this now, but I haven't taken a new photo and probably won't until I'm ready to divide for the arm holes in about five inches. Older stuff under the cut. )

On target

Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:56 pm
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Still no plot really, but there are a few more characters, which will help. Of course two of them were mostly filler, though I don't think Muriel is inclined to stay that way. Other than that there was also some world building today, or rather, world enhancing since I think I'm writing what amounts to "this world plus supernatural beings".
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But I'm feeling around the edges of one, maybe. At least I'm getting words down which makes this much better than this time last year.

One thing I have noticed in my various NaNo stories is that when I'm stumped for what to write and it's logical for my characters to eat, or I'm getting hungry myself, they eat and I tend to describe the food. These are the sorts of things that would be cut, logically, but sometimes I think these would also be great places for endnotes and a recipe section at the end of the novel. :D

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This is mostly so when I'm freaking out next year I will have proof that in 2009, as in 2007, I didn't have anything until a character showed up on the 29th.

I don't know what Apollonia does but she's making herself comfortable.

Now I need at least a genre and maybe a second character, based on past NaNo novels I can get something if I have that much.
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Yes, I intend to write another partial novel this year. I have no idea what I am going to write but the odds are it will be something in the science fiction and fantasy continuum as usual.

Also as usual, I've been getting pings off my older NaNo attempts. Last year's story was really hard to write, I spent the first half of the month whining (sorry Kris!) and writing was about as easy and pleasant as pulling teeth. Once I moved the story from England to New England it started rolling for me and ended up picking up things I hadn't expected, like alchemy and alchemists that aren't what they seems and occult books that manipulate events and people around them... and Lovecraft's cousin. Needless to say that story is a bit of a mess. The last few days have found my brain turning that tangled knot in all directions and tugging on things that look like they might lead to loose ends. I think I might know how to untangle it now.

And that is how I know that NaNo is coming, because my brain never gets enchanted with the older stories until it knows it has to start coming up with a new one.

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