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As if I needed another hassle....

I just found out that my domain host will cease all services October 1st. This means I will have no host for tephras.com, no mail, no website.

I'm not in a good position to look for a hosting service, let alone afford one, so this was just the sort of news I did not need to get while sitting 1000 miles from home waiting for mom to have a cancerous mass removed from her breast.

So far I have had 1and1 recommended by my erstwhile host. I'm admittedly spoiled by him, I was free to install what I liked and was given a lot of permissions on his server, so the hosting services are all both foreign in design and rather restrictive in practice.

I most likely will not be maintaining my PSP related site, the bandwidth and storage is too great. I don't want to lose my domain since I'd like to avoid having to change email addresses (the very thought of hunting down every site and person to update that is shudder inducing) and it's paid until next July.

This is pretty much the last straw for today. I'm going off to have a cry, if I can do that without someone demanding my time and attention yet again.


Sep. 17th, 2005 02:36 am
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So the server is back up, yay!

Of course I changed my email with LJ during the outage so I could keep track of things, therefore the first order of business was to change it back to my normal email address.

I'm not getting email from LJ.

So I go and force LJ to send another validation email. I do that about half a dozen times. No validation emails arrive.

I go log into my server (yay for shell accounts and SSH!) and go through my procmail filters. Nothing to mark LJ mail as spam in there but I whitelist LJ anyway.

Try having LJ mail me a validation a few more times.

Log back into my server and check my mail logs, nothing from LJ, not even something getting caught in the assorted server side spam filtering I have going.

Change my email with LJ back to my meowmail count and get a validation immediately.

It's not LJ.

It's not my filters or ISP.

Email the admin of my server. Discover that I need to have Thunderbird purge the old site certificates so I can actually send email. Poke around and find where it stores them and delete the old certs, accept the new ones, then send the email.

We're hoping it's just some lingering DNS cache issues and not the DSL provider.

So I find myself hoping I'll get eight or ten invalid validation emails in the next day or so.



Sep. 15th, 2005 08:47 pm
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Just got word from my admin, the server is back up. The problem was indeed getting DSL setup at the new location.

Now I just have to wait for the new DNS info to propagate. Those of you closer to New England will probably see my site come back faster than those on the other side of the world.
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Well I've finally made it through all my posts and tagged them. I'll probably refine the tags a bit (some ramble posts will be changed to tidbit, and tidbit might become life, or life might branch out from tidbit and ramble...) but for now it's done.

I should perhaps also go through and put subjects on everything.... "No subject" is unhelpful when searching for something.

My server is still down and I'm getting a bit irritated. I've changed my LJ mail address to my backup meowmail address so I can keep track of people replying to things here. Perhaps it's time to see if [livejournal.com profile] hafoc can set up another mailbox with Charter (from what I've seen on their site there should be slots for nine more boxes).


This song would make an interesting AMV...
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Well I've managed to tag all my posts in 2004, soon the whole of my journal will be tagged and easily searchable.

For those that noticed that my email and websites (and everything hosted on my website and linked here) are down, I know why now. It seems my admin moved and didn't bother to warn me of the expected server outage. I managed to find a mutual friend that knew of the move and according to him the server should be back up sometime tomorrow. I'm guessing the hold up is the DSL connection at the new location since my admin hosts the server in his home.

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