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You might want to read this. I think I opted out the first time but I'll check to be sure.
tephra: A furry liger-ish dragon portrait in profile (Default)
With so many people from Fandom securing backup journals all over the place maybe it would be a good idea for me to mention where else I can be found.

I am Tephra at JournalFen, GreatestJournal, and InsaneJournal. Feel free to friend me at any or all of them if you think my sporadic ramblings are worth it. :)

Just what sort of stuff do I put in these journals? Well that's a bit of a question right now but here's how it breaks down at the moment:

LJ - My original, and still main, journal. This gets everything, though I'm more likely to link fannish stuff off to JF these days. Lately it's been shoes, knitting, and recipes but it does get life updates, memes/quizzes, and when my creative side isn't flaking out, artwork. Look for daily NaNoWriMo status reports in November.

IJ and GJ - I really don't know what is going to end up on these, my current thinking is that they'll be mirrors of my JF account, which I decided would get my fannish thoughts and creative works. Ultimately it will depend on the sorts of communities that develop on those sites. If one of them turns out to have an active knitting community, for example, then the odds are that my journal there will have knitting stuff.

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