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I went to the expensive place for my haircut and I should just suck it up and go there all the time because the extra $4 means I get a freaking awesome haircut. Thank you very much, Dixie!

The good mood today is probably the result of the awesomeness of the hair cut and the fact that I am wearing jeans I have not been able to wear since I left Tucson, size 28 and not stretch denim. :D

Stopped at the Dollar Tree and Walmart for a few travel items. Walmart Optical says my glasses should be ready tomorrow, I really hope that's true because the old pair is on the rapid decline to unwearable unless I figure out a way to fix the ear piece on the right bow.

And I have to wonder about the sizing system used by White Stag (one of the brands that Walmart carries much of). I tried on a 4X shirt and pants, which are labeled as 26/28W... *mimes lifting her arms and looking at extra fabric around her bust* the hell? I didn't bother to try the 3X stuff today but if my glasses really are ready tomorrow I think I will.

I just tried on the trouser socks I bought at Dollar Tree, figuring for a buck I could wear them in my granny boots or something where they could slouch around my ankles after failing to reach my knees. The no name queen sized ones get as far as mid calf, which means they will be slouching about my ankles as expected.

The George ones, for shoe sizes 8-12 and not plus sized at all, actually go to my knee. OMGWTF?! I am SO getting more of these for a buck a pair. I can't remember the last time I got knee high any sort of sock that actually stretched over my calves and made it to my knee. And bonus points for being brown on brown zebra stripes. :D

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