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Aug. 18th, 2009 03:15 pm
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Exciting, I know, but this one suits the way I use my journal better. And it even has a nice purple scheme!

That said, I did rack up some tweaks of the not-entirely-cosmetic sort on it. Changing the colors of the navbar? Cosmetic. Making the custom friendsreading colors work? Not cosmetic. In fact the "User posting in Community" line was being stomped on by the usericon before I started tweaking anything so the bulk of my tweaks in that area were fixes of the hack and slap variety (my CSS use is pretty basic all considered).

So, a brief summary of changes:
- Hid the little icons under my name over in the sidebar (they didn't blend nice)
- Ditched the underlines on links and tweaked the link colors
- Tweaked the layout credit module to actually fit in the sidebar
- De-emphasized the "powered by" and "page generated at" modules by making the text smaller
- Moved the "user posting in community" bit on entries to the right by 6.8ems
- Moved the entry content down by 2.5ems so there's some space under the usericon
- Enlarged the usericon space on entries to fit around the custom color borders on the reading page
- Tweaked the positioning of the icon in the space so it was centered (for 100x100 icons at least)
- Added "reading color" to my own icon so my Recent page would look good with the previous fixes
- Recolored the navbar to match the scheme

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