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Apparently there is a kickstarter for a new steampunk RPG called Tephra. I found this out due to some freelance reporter not bothering to check that the account they were linking in their tweet actually belonged to the RPG.

I've been using the name Tephra online since.... hmm, I think 1996. It might have been '95 but I'm quite sure it was before '97.

Anyway, reading about the RPG is surreal since they just call it Tephra in their ad copy.

My standing in the Google search results for "tephra" have been falling for about a decade since I stopped doing my Paint Shop Pro tutorials and such. Maybe this will push me off the first page, that might be fun for change. XD
tephra: A furry liger-ish dragon portrait in profile (Default)
So I had this rather disturbing dream the other night, of the sort that you come awake with an "Oh SHIT!" sort of feeling and the image was so odd compared to my usual that I had to look it up for possible meanings.


To dream that you are dismembered, suggests that some situation or circumstance is falling apart in your waking life. You are feeling disempowered and experiencing some great and significant loss.

Okay... I can see that. But what does it mean when you still have your left arm attached and something menacing and dog-like (but not a wolf) is coming in for the free lunch so you flail around with your one arm and grab something to beat the thing back with... and it's your right arm? O.o

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