I survived!

Apr. 9th, 2009 08:36 am
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About ten minutes on the phone, and on the air (WKMT northern Michigan). A few verbal flubs, minor ones, and I was probably talking a bit fast, but I think it went okay.

I also got to put an email address out on the radio, custom set up for today, so if anyone is looking for a computer geek in northern Michigan they can chat with one that did a little work on CASPER.
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So I went to the Job Fair today. I was exceedingly wound up about it last night and this morning and managed the world's fastest total revision of a resume ever I think. I printed out fifteen, enough for about half the employers, as if fifty percent was a reasonable match rate. I didn't need that many of course, I think I handed out three and one of those was to Kelly Services. The employers represented were basically military, law enforcement, health care, and food service. Not a very encouraging pool.

Anyway, onto the nuts part. The part giving me butterflies so big they might as well be fruit bats.

I spotted a listing of job categories with the local radio broadcasters. While I know nothing about, and have no interest in, working the public side of radio, I do know computers so I chatted a bit and they aren't looking right now but I can submit a resume. Pretty standard for the geekier positions around here.

And he actually skimmed it.

And noticed a little bit about working on the Cassini project's mission planning software.

And he's really good at talking people into things.

So around 8:10am I'm going to get a phone call and talk about working on that software for about 10-15 minutes on the radio.

I'm going to die.
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I suspect this particular nano-rant will be a recurring theme.

Anyway, today's nano-rant is on job application forms, specifically the education section.

High school: North Middlesex Regional High School
Years completed: umm... 1
Graduated: not really...

You see, I only completed freshman year. I did two months of sophomore before dropping out... after just not going for about 4 months. Massachusetts will allow a student to remove themselves from school when they turn 16 as long as they have a letter of permission from their parents. Those 4 months were spent with shrinks (don't get me started on them) biding my time until my 16th birthday.

All that is irrelevant though, I got my GED immediately (or rather I passed the exams for it, 99th percentile across the board) and enrolled in the local community college than fall. So when my high school classmates were walking up for their diplomas I already had my associates in hand and was enrolled in my 4-year college as a junior.

I got my GED certificate a couple weeks before I got my BA.

All of this was over a decade ago and I really don't see how it's relevant to my current job applications, I should be able to just put down that I have a BA and that I did complete 2 years of graduate studies (though I did not do a thesis so do not have an MS).

Of course, having a BA makes me over-qualified for most of the local jobs so I'm screwed either way.
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Life has been uninteresting and busy lately.

My work schedule looks like a slice of swiss cheese. I only have two students this time (for those wondering, I teach Solaris system administration on a contract basis at a corporate training center) so anytime one of them can't come to class it's turned into a day off. I still have 35 hours to teach for the course and only one official topic to cover, Jumpstart. I'm going to have to come up with stuff that Sun doesn't put into their certification exams to teach these guys, but still keep it relevant to the real world (not hard) and 'small' enough to cover in the remaining hours (not so easy). Any sys admins out there have suggestions?

Outside of work... I saw a computer system that I want. My current system is one I built back with a 300Mhz AMD K6-2 was just off the bleeding edge. Yes, that old. This new system isn't exactly up to geek nirvana standards, it's at BJ's (local wholesale club), but 2.8Ghz with 512Mb RAM (expandable to a gig), DVD-RW, 7 USB 2.0 ports, etc. is pretty nice. And the 17" flat panel monitor that it comes with is very nice. And the case has a gee whiz factor with the sliding, spring-loaded panel that conceals the front access USB, firewire, memory card slots, and floppy.... Now to find a spare $1200 (and $60 for tax if I can't find it at the New Hampshire BJ's). :P

I just activated my new Tracfone. One of my birthday presents, received late due to shortages at the stores. We'll see how this works out. My 'local' calling area is weird though, if I drive 5 miles north into New Hampshire I'll get roaming charges. If I go to El Paso, TX I'm still local.... 8)

Other than that, nothing going on here. Dad was a pill and got himself kicked out of accelerated rehab so he's going to be home sooner than expected, with little training for moving around with a walker.

And I cooked ostrich burgers last night. They're comparable in price to better grades of ground beef (and cheaper than some) so I figured that while Dad wasn't around to make faces and disgusting comments about the nature of my food choices (don't let the man see you eating rice, particularly in a cream sauce) I'd try them.

For a giant feather duster they taste awfully good. :)

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