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The aspens/poplars have leaves the size of quarters, the delphiniums are about eight inches tall, the grass is green, and it is snowing.

So, as I sit facing a window that shows me this all too clearly, I will do a knitting update and silently think a stream of profanity to make a sailor blush.

I have been really bad about documentation for the last year at least but here's some attempt at catching up with photographic evidence. Lots of photos under this cut. )

For those that remember my ranting about my craft blog, Omnifariously Knotty, well it's still lacking OpenID... but there are posts! Not many, but there's actual content. To be specific I put up a post on what I did to make Namid's white top (seen in the lace stole photos) from a baby top/dress pattern as well as a post on how to modify my shorts pattern into capris.

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Today was "update stuff that hasn't been updated for years" day. It started out well enough, I updated the installation of eFiction on Hafoc's website and things went swimmingly. There's a  major update on that forthcoming, slowly, and I'm sure all the problems I didn't have today will show up then.

Then I went to work on Omnifariously Knotty and pretty much crashed and burned.

My problem there is that I dearly love the layout theme, but it's not been updated in over two and a half years. I've used some tweaks that other people have created, or tried to. One works (the date tabs include year for posts over a year old), but the one I worked on again today worked only partially. It was supposed to wrap the main content under the second column to use some of the wasted space as you scroll down. Well it worked great on the "home" page but when I when I checked it on the Categories page and the About page... nope. The content ran under the second column. No matter how often I look at the assorted template files I can't see why it works on home.php and not on categories.php or any of the other files that I tweaked. It's one line added to them, not exactly a lot of room in that for errors.

There is also a much more annoying problem with that layout. I've installed the OpenID plugin on my instance of WordPress but the layout doesn't display the option to use it. I poked and fiddled with the comments.php file today to try to get that fixed. That also didn't go well. I need to learn how to use php with forms (or at all really) and figure out how to construct the if/else loop in there to drop through the options of having a login account (which no one has other than me), supplying an email address, or using OpenID. Sure, as the site stands now people can use a name and email to comment, but I'd really, really like to have OpenID as an option.

Maybe I should just go looking for a different layout theme. *sigh*
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On the off chance that someone on my reading/friends list on any of my journals has the answer....

I am looking for an image/photo gallery script/program I can install on my website that basically acts like Flickr for one person. I want to be able to upload images at full size and have a thumbnail and a medium (about 500px) size (at least) generated by the script. I should be able to tag the images at the very least but being able to group them into sets/albums/galleries would be handy. A comment area would be a plus. I, though not necessarily others, should be able to get direct links to any of the generated image sizes as well as the original image. A web interface for uploads would be handy, but not required, and it would be awesome if I could just dumped images into a directory by FTP even if I do have a web interface available.

As I recall my host has PHP4 by default but does allow me to force the use of PHP5 (this is how I got WordPress working there) and I can make SQL databases (MySQL I think, I haven't checked on the specifics there recently).

So, any suggestions?
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I'm contemplating setting up a blog in my domain for a craft blog. It would have postings about patterns I'll be putting up for sale (and I'll probably have a few free ones) and assorted technique and springboard ideas. Since I'm into more than one craft (even if it looks like all knitting all the time these days) I need a non-craft specific name for the blog. The blog name will end up being used as my Ravelry store name as well so it shouldn't be too cutesy or generic.

The sorts of things that are likely to turn up on the craft blog:
knitting patterns
"choose your own" knitting pattern (AKA, fill in your own gauge and measurement guides)
knitting technique tutorials
how to make knitting charts with a decent paint program (PSP for me but it plan to generalize)
crochet patterns
sewing patterns
how to draft sewing patterns (specific patterns that I don't feel like grading and working up PDFs for)
beading projects
wire projects
heck, maybe some soap recipes
tatting patterns, if I ever do more than dabble with it
ditto with sprang

You get the general idea. :)

I was thinking "Making Stuph" but that is very generic, even with the verging on cutesy Stuph spelling. "Teph Makes Stuph" is today's thought. Whatever I come up with will have a subdomain on tephras.com so whatever.tephras.com should also be a memorable URL easily associated with the site name.

I'm sort of tempted to swipe the name of my dead crafting comm on LJ, Internet Refrigerator, iFridge.tephras.com? :D Yes, I could do the technique posts to [livejournal.com profile] internet_fridge, and I may do that, but it wouldn't be kosher to take that comm for the pattern selling part of the plan.

Some one toss me some ideas? Random thoughts?

Crafty Pantry just popped into my head. I need to kill it with fire.
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Linking is the same has hosting the material linked on LJ's servers and you are expected to check every link you ever posted regularly to insure it has not been redirected to illegal or obscene material.

So, yeah. If I draw/write/otherwise create anything even remotely "questionable" by LJ's still poorly defined standards you can expect no links to it here. I'll tell you where it is but you'll have to use a bookmark or something to get there.

You might want to take note of my other journals and sites:
Tephra @ InsaneJournal
Tephra @ GreatestJournal
Tephra @ JournalFen
Tephralynn @ DeviantArt
My personal website (which I really need to finish restoring)


Mar. 10th, 2007 09:27 pm
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So I've been working on a mock up of [livejournal.com profile] hafoc's site on my domain, and I have the story archive and site news part of it going all awesome with a lightly modified version of eFiction. I even have a few skins all modded up and ready for use. I thought I was just at the point of skinning out the forums to match and that it would be all downhill from here.

Then I tried installing the software on his domain.

Let me point out, we have the same hosting service and hosting package level.

The software that installed so nice on my domain? Will not install on his. I've created and destroyed four SQL databases today trying to get eFiction installed on his domain and keep getting the same SQL error. Now either they've updated the SQL version in the last week (which they haven't, according to their FAQ and everything I can find on their site about the versions of MySQL and PHP on the site) or something is different about the eFiction installer.

You see, on my domain I installed 3.0 and then discovered right afterward that 3.2 was out so I upgraded. On Hafoc's domain I am trying to install 3.2 directly.

Wouldn't you know that I can't find a copy of the 3.0 zip anywhere? I know it had a security hole but normally you can find an old copy of a program somewhere online.

But then this is eFiction, the one piece of software you can search for with google and get three pages of results of sites using the software without actually finding the homepage and download site for it.

My head hurts.

Update: A very kind soul over in the eFiction support forums sent me the zip for version 3.0 which installed just fine and was upgraded to 3.2 immediately. So that part of Hafoc's site just needs content and a few tweaks (like the text of the Creative Commons license he's using).

Next up is yet another stab at forums now that Hafoc has revised, again, what he wants out of them. I'll have to do some skinning work to make the look and feel from the story archive carry over and I'm not looking forward to that. Skinning eFiction is relatively easy but phpBB is a bit more complex. At least I don't have to bridge the databases.
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Sci-fi art done with spray paint while you watch. (Video is about nine minutes long, has music.)
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I was telling [livejournal.com profile] hafoc I had the spammer issues on the forums pretty well taken care of... and not half an hour later I went to poke around at it more and found that a spammer had managed to register, even with visual code verification and requiring an activation through email.

<insert truly vile language here>

So I find myself trying to decide while modifications to the forum code are more likely to work to prevent this sort of thing since apparently just needing people to read a code out of an image and type it in AND click a link in an activation email isn't enough. The "best" choices (meaning the ones that have more "yay it works!" comments than "I can't get this to install" comments) are to do a different visual confirmation system (requiring a person to indicate if the supplied image is an animal or not and allowing me to supply my own images) and/or to add a bright red message telling people to leave the profile section of the registration empty and then reject any application that has anything in that section.

The former would undoubtedly look better but may conflict with the visual confirmation of the first post modification I've already done.

The latter is unlikely to conflict with anything but is a bit obnoxious. There is a variant that just hides the profile section of the registration form, which is visually more elegant, but apparently bots are "smart" enough to check if a field is hidden and then simply not fill it in.

Fucking spammers.

And several points about the basic forum code make me wonder if they even thought about security, it seems if you want to prevent harvesting of your member's email addresses you have to either trust they will tick the "hide address" box of install a MOD. Version 3 might solve some of my issues but it's still in beta (though it seems to be close to release.) Of course there will likely be a lag between the release of 3 and the release of compliant MODs.

Well, enough for tonight, sleep time. *Zzzzzz*
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As readers of [livejournal.com profile] hafoc's journal know, I'm working on a website for him. Specifically I'm working on a forum at the moment.

This is what I've learned so far:

* Setting up a forum is actually pretty damned easy.

* Modifying a forum with some basic MOD code is also pretty damned easy.

* Trying to make two major MODs to the way posts are handled is rather like getting two drenched cats to play nice in a burlap sack strapped to your back while climbing a muddy cliff in a thunderstorm at midnight.

It may come down to making a choice between two of his desired features, full moderation for the "Ask X" forums and anonymous first posting for the writing critique forum. Both modifications edit the function_post.php file heavily and they get along about as well as those cats.

I've had to completely nuke the forum twice now because things are just too messed up to fix. For the third attempt I'm going to once again hold off the anonymous forum MOD until the very end, and then do the hacks by hand since at that point the script installer can't handle it.

Wish me luck.
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God Checker

I decided to check out the Japanese section and the intro has me snickering:

"The Japanese have 800 myriads of Gods which must cause a few congestion problems on their islands.

"They appear to have a tendency to worship anything if it stays still long enough and looks interesting enough. Photography has replaced Iconography and pilgrims can often be seen in London recording taxis and streetlamps for possible deification."

By this logic, I am a god in Japan.

There were a ton of tourists taking my picture when I was mapping in the Grand Canyon as a grad student. I'm not sure what was so photogenic about a fat American girl in combat boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt. Maybe it was the fact I was sitting astride the stone wall at the very edge of the canyon with a map board and pencil while squirrels used my leg as a highway in and out of the canyon. Or the fact that the squirrels were stealing my grapes while I worked.

One of them probably has a photo of me taking a photo of a squirrel as the squirrel tried to steal my camera.


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