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As readers of [livejournal.com profile] hafoc's blog know, I've been working with linux this weekend. This is not entirely on a whim, my laptop runs linux and has since a few weeks after I bought it. The theory is that this will help me keep my unix based skills somewhat functional between bouts of actually using unix on a regular basis (like the Solaris training jobs I was doing). In practice it means that once or twice a year I get the laptop out and spend a day or two updating and patching and playing around a bit. Usually just before I go traveling with it. (Anthrocon!)

So I've updated and patched and played around, enjoying the fact that somewhere between version 7.2 and 9.1 the folks at SuSE have managed to fix the problem with the driver for my laptop's sound card (while ignoring the fact that the current version is now 9.3).

And generally making happy little geek noises while claiming the recliner as the ideal upgrade station.

I've updated Firefox and added all the extensions of which I've grown fond. And I've decided that I don't really need to install Thunderbird. SSH will get me into my mail server while traveling (the main time I use the laptop) and mutt is fine for email without the hassle of having to get downloaded email from the laptop to the desktop after the trip.

Anyway, I decided on a whim to see if the Firefox installation on the laptop will display Japanese. Since I don't actually read Japanese this is purely an ascetic thing, I don't like to see "garbage characters" where there should be text. So I went over to JEDI and let it rip on the word "black" (for no other reason than the fact that I was thinking of Kurogane). Low and behold, kanji and hiragana/katakana all displayed nicely.


I then go and check out Jeffery's Japanese <-> English Dictionary and do the "logical" thing and check the encodings page.... No pretty Japanese.


So I remember that I had issues with this page when I used my new XP machine there the first time and go looking for another page to test things on.

My laptop displays Klingon. And a whole bunch of languages I've never head of before.

Kick. Ass.

Now to write myself a note that the encodings test page doesn't work so I won't get myself into another "why doesn't this page work when that one does" tizzy.

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