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Good, not sweet refrigerator pickle recipes.

Actually what I'd really like is something that spells out the minimum required amount of vinegar and salt (in proportions) in the brine. I know someone, somewhere, has studied that. The USDA probably has, but damned if I can find it the information (without wading through the very, very long and tedious USDA documents anyway).

I want to make a decent amount of pickled cauliflower but the recipes I'm finding fall into three categories: sweet (YUCK!), hot (I mean, really hot, the amount of habaneros one recipe called for terrified me), or weird (cooking my cauliflower in oil flavored with toasted cumin, coriander, and turmeric before pickling for instance, or including Coke in the brine.) None of those is what I want. I want a nice, not too sour but not at all sweet, refrigerator cauliflower pickle, dilled is good but not required.

This is the closest so far, though I wasn't really thinking of making 4 quarts of it (unless it turned out really, really good). I think I'd just leave out the dried chillies and hope for the best. The fact that it uses white wine vinegar (low acid, yay!) and no sugar is good but I have to wonder if that's enough vinegar.

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