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One of the forums I frequent is in the midst of a mudslinging bitchfest on the possibility/impossibility of being both overweight/fat and healthy. I'm not going to bother with generalizations like that. It just got me thinking about my own personal history and my recent apparent weight loss (such as it is).

The lightest I can remember weighing was 193 pounds. I can remember the number because I was so damned proud that I had lost 15 pounds. I was down to a size 14, I remember because I found some awesome robin's egg blue jeans with totally useless zippers in the pockets (useless in the design sense, they served no purpose at all) and they had a 34" waist. I was 5'4" and hadn't yet had to look for "tall" jeans. I was 12.

The smallest size I can remember wearing in my adult life was when I was 21, I was 5'9" and a size 24. I remember because I was having to get new clothing of some sort almost every weekend because of how quickly I was dropping sizes. I went from a size 32 to the 24 in just a semester or so, probably due to walking on average 5 miles a day 5 days a week with one weekend of all day hikes once a month. My bra size went nuts, from a 50B to a 38DD/36DDD and I was buying every bright color and wild print I could get my hands on because I could. No more plain beige, white, or black bras! I discovered that underwires were actually pretty damned awesome if they fit right. It was the first time that my bust became the fit issue with clothing rather than my belly.

I went from an estimated 360 pounds to 325. I know because I actually joined a gym and stood on a scale. I was bench pressing 197 pounds, curling 45, and resorted to the pneumatic leg press machine because it offered 790 pounds of resistance. I started training with the vague idea of making getting into power lifting competitions. I also developed a hatred for bikes and treadmills that had nothing to do with my aerobic abilities and everything to do with my still being very large and tall. Bikes never had a seat adjustment that made pedaling comfortable (and we will not discuss the comfort of the seats) and treadmills are made remarkably narrow for a device encouraged to be used for weight loss. Stairclimbers are of the devil.

Now, as of today, I am 327 pounds (if the scale is to be believed) and I have no clue what my actual size is. Based on the jeans that I have on hand it's probably a 28/30. I'm a lot less muscular than I was, alas. I can, in stretch knits and empire waisted styles with ample fabric below the bust, wear a size 24/26 shirt. I tend toward 2X tees that show that "yes, I do have boobs, thanks, stop calling me sir" rather than going immediately for the loose 3Xs. I find myself fairly comfortable about my size and body with the exception of my belly. The T&A are looking rather nice lately, in my opinion.

Thankfully, I know, if the trend in weight lost continues, the belly will solve itself. I have always lost weight in a certain pattern, under the bust for a while, from the face and neck, and then back to the underbust and belly, then thighs. I don't know after that because I haven't ever managed to get that far. Hopefully the boobs never get on the list because I've always, always been cheated in that department. A woman hauling around as many pounds as I do should have a RACK, goddammit!
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In this post in [livejournal.com profile] crimsonevening (members only, sorry) [livejournal.com profile] remote_45 asked how we all got into yaoi and why we like it. Whenever this topic comes up I end up thinking "I really should sit down and write out my thoughts on the subject" so here it goes.

Yea gods, I talk a lot! )
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Well first I should say that it doesn't mean as much as I had originally considered doing. My original idea was to stick references to as many of my interests as possible over there. After trying to make a tachikoma look like graffiti I dropped that idea. There are still some references but they're a bit more abstract (most of them anyway). So here's an image of the assorted symbols and a legend to name them and explain if necessary.

Cut for images and lots of text. )
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Or rather, autobiographies. More precisely, what the heck should I put in the bio space for my LJ user info page?

Seriously, I'm not inclined to put the "I was raised in a small town in Massachusetts..." sort of thing there. I'm over 30 so my "formative years" are really old news and I don't think they're interesting or even overly relevant for people that what to know about the person I am now.

So I'm going to do a variation on the old "ask me five questions" meme.

Reply to this post with things you'd like to know about me. My political views, my favorite color, anything. If I'm comfortably answering in public I'll do so. Hopefully somethings will be suitable for my bio section.
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It's silly but I finally came up with a possible title to this journal, but I can't remember enough about taxonomy to make it "real enough" (if I ever knew that much about taxonomy).

I first thought I'd do the family, genus, and species for Tephra but that begs the whole question of dragon taxonomy so I decided to work it all out and then decide how much to use. So far I have:

Kingdom: Animalia (though with Teph this is possibly debatable, she doesn't think of herself as a rock though so Mineralia is a bit insulting, not to mention an outdated kingdom)
Phylum: Chordata (also debatable, she doesn't really need any sort of internal structure at all but she looks like vertabrate)
Class: Draconia (seems the place to specify "dragon" since I don't think of them as reptiles or mammals)
Order: Occidenta (western style, two pairs of legs, one pair of wings)
Family: My non-existent Greek and mostly forgotten Latin have failed me, I want something that means "middle wing" since Teph's limbs arranged forelegs/arms, wings, legs
Genus: Lith- something, since Teph is both composed of stone and consumes stone there's a fair amount of play here
Species: Tephridae or something, Tephra is one of a kind after all :)

So, anyone have ideas?
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I'm not feeling that well today, but much better now than twelve hours ago so I'm not complaining.

The broken lamp has a new shade. The style is different and it's smaller but with the bead trim from the old shade added it really looks rather nice. It does need a bit of work still, it wasn't meant for this style of lamp so it has an extra "lip" that I'm trying to figure out how to remove. I have a bottle cutter but the glass is a bit thicker than your average bottle. I'm wondering if I'd be better off with a dremel and some sort of cutting/grinding wheel.

[livejournal.com profile] hafoc, being the sweetie he is, actually bought me another lamp the day after the first took a header. He tried to sneak it in on his lunch hour but I happened to be in the house at the time so the sneaking didn't go so well. :)

On an unrelated note, I think people should go to his journal congratulate him on his first paid publication. :)

What else... I have brackets for the shelf. I have some doubts over whether or not the center bracket will hold though. The shelf is an odd shape, sort of an elongated and slightly lopsided D, and while the ends are 10" the center is 18" (the whole thing is 6' long). The widest portion will be right over my monitor (to save it from the cats jumping on it and sleeping on the vents) and I'm having visions of the cats jumping on the edge over the monitor and their weight flipping the shelf off the brackets, even with the shelf screwed to them. Maybe I'll bolt the shelf to the brackets, at least at the back edge.

I'm addicted to a reality TV show. Yes, I know, it's totally wrong. Read more... )

Wow, that was a long ramble now wasn't it?

Now for a silly "quiz" thing )

[livejournal.com profile] toshirodragon just keeps popping up in these things. :)
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I need to do some marathon soap making to use up the lye (and oils) around this place. Of course the problem is where to store that much soap....

Anyway, while I was pondering that problem, and soapmaking in general, I recalled an accidental discovery I made with my last batch of soap. I had left the pot over night before filling it with water so I left it to soak... for a couple days... before I got around to cleaning it. While leaving the pot for several hours before filling it with water and washing it is standard for me (it lets the oils and lye finish the reaction in the pot making it a "problem" of washing dried soap out of a pot rather than dealing with oil and lye) I was really lazy with this one. When I went to dump it I had a fairly large amount of soap gel floating on the water. Now gel soap without a lot of hassle and weird additives is somewhat of a home soapmaker's holy grail and I had discovered it on accident, but I didn't pursue it since I'm short on space and was still working on using up my prior two experiments with liquid soap.

But I was thinking about it and decided to do an experiment. I took some of the soap shavings I have lying around from trimming bars and dumped them in a gallon of hot tap water and left them for two weeks. Other than the shavings being a few years old and a different recipe entirely it would approximate the conditions... okay, so it doesn't but it is a logical extension to the idea so I went with it. The result was soap gel... just under the water.

The original batch was an all vegetable oil recipe (colored with oxides and mica, scented with a synthetic fragrance) and fresh. The gel was thick and floating on the water.

The experiment was an all animal fat recipe (uncolored, scented with essential oils) and at least a year old. The gel was also thick*, but sunk to the bottom of the container.

I'm wondering which variables decide if it floats or sinks. I'm suspecting it's vegetable versus animal source.

I have a small amount of Grandma Betty's soap gel to enjoy in my shower either way. And a lot of lye and oils still needing to be used up.

*Sort of slimy actually, firm yet squishy, handling it is a bit like handling poached eggs, or tadpoles. I tried hard not to think of things like cow snot while handling it. It's weird how the texture of something out of context can be totally disgusting, coming out of a bottle in the shower is fine, cupped in your hand in a vat of room temperature water is vaguely revolting.
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So I'm reading the reviews for A Good Offense (the sequel to The Best Defense) and I find this:

"...im not getting the whole purple haze thing, it flew right over my head."

For some reason that made me snicker.

Frankly, the reviews [livejournal.com profile] joisbishmyoga gets for these stories often make me depressed. Apparently people are reading and yet not reading these days. It's like they forget things that they read just a few sentences ago. Their comprehension seems spotty at best, and ask them to remember something from a previous chapter? Not going to happen apparently.

Now I know I have a somewhat odd and persistent memory but I can't believe that people can really forget something they read just a few minutes ago. My ability to remember stuff I read years ago (decades in some cases) can't be that bizarre, and remembering something from a month ago should be really simple and common, right?
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I took a cute picture of Shadow (a floofy "black" cat) in the window watching a black squirrel in the tree and the Mavica informed me that the disk was full. Popped out the floppy and turned to my PC.... Oh right, the new PC doesn't have a floppy drive.

Next computer related project: get file sharing to work in the house LAN again.

Mini-ramble on names )

Today I learned about the Grey King and milgwn. I can now blissfully geek out comparing fox legends around the world and wander off into fanfic-y ideas regarding a certain sexy kitsune.

I still like the idea of demon bowls, so I must find a use for them somewhere in art or prose. They remind me of witch orbs, I need to find a use for them too.

My training makes me hate saying "I" so much but my english teachers would faint if they saw how much I write in fragments these days.

I must be really weird. One of my favorite things in the world is "recreational research." The feeling I get when I link up the history, mythology, and language of a culture and somehow link up parallels to another culture or cultures is just.... It's a geekgasm I swear.

I know I had more rambles in mind when I first thought of making an entry a couple hours ago.

[Edit: Oops, forgot one, and I might as well have one visible. From The Eyes of the Assassin, by I have no idea who.]

Icons! There are a lot of them so you get an LJ cut. Lots of pretty, pretty boys... some kissing )

Icon making is addictive. @.@
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Anyone out there have any experience with "oil paint pencils"? I'm probably just going to have to play with them but I figured I'd see if anyone has any tips before I get started.

I think I'll post this in my deviantART journal too, just in case my few watchers have experience.


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