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Mykel was not meant to be a sailor.

Though, to be fair, a lot of the sailors aren't doing much better. Due to the erratic and overpowered storms plaguing the Southern sea this year the captain has kept the ship on a cautious route that remains within sight of land as much as possible. I would be annoyed at the time this is adding to my mission but since I rather like not being drowned I'm living with it. However, being anchored in the dubious shelter of a bay that might be oriented in such a way that the storm will blow past us isn't terribly comfortable.

At least I'm keeping my lunch down, Mykel seems to be trying to get rid of his breakfast from three days ago.

If the storm blows past as Mykel claims it will, and I suppose an apprentice storm priest would know, we should reach a port of reasonable size with an overland route to the Eastern capital the day after tomorrow. Normally it would be quicker to continue on by sea, but with the storms as they are, and the sailors getting more and more nervous about having me on board, it will be faster to travel by caravan. Probably safer as well. I'm reasonably sure that Mykel would not consent to sacrificing me to the storm gods but I'd rather not test that particular bit of faith.

[For those needing a solution to the WTF, look here.]

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