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[livejournal.com profile] dancing_serpent brought up the question of where people would prefer to have people leave comments on their journals when posts are crossposted.  It's a good question and my answer is whichever service you want to leave comments on.

Nearly all my posts are crossposted to Livejournal (where most of my IRL friends have their journals), InsaneJournal (where I have a permanent account), and Dreamwidth (where I am in love with their revisions of LJ's code engine). Occasionally a post will also go to JournalFen but I reserve that account for more fannish sorts of things, and should I ever finish a fanfic and decide to post it you can expect to to be there (and possibly to a second LJ that I have for things that LJ has in the past decided to go RAWR BANNINATION! on without any legal, or moral, need to do so).

So while pondering on this "where to comment" issue and my habit of shotgun blasting posts to multiple sites I thought I'd just let you all know you can drop me off your friends/reading list on any service you have decided not to follow any longer without offending me. While I have decided to maintain interactive presences on all three services I don't expect others to do so. If you've decided not to post to LJ you certainly don't need to keep me on your friends list there, especially not if you have friended me on IJ or have me on your reading list on DW. You don't have to eat the spam if you don't like it to avoid hurting my feelings. :D

Also, if I have you friended/on my reading list at more than one service and you would prefer to focus interaction on one over the other, just drop me a comment about which name to drop of my list on what service and I'll do it. That way I'll be sure to comment where you would prefer to read it. :)

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