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Woke up sort of congested today after being sick most of the night. That's not the problem, the problem is something I discovered when I blew my nose... my nice 18ga titanium nostril screw? Missing.

I already checked the bedding, and no luck. I bought a spare when I got this one (at the cost of $22, ouch) and of course I can't remember where I put it, someplace "safe" of course. So if I don't find the original or the spare soon I will be heading off to the local Claire's and finding something suitable to put in the hole while I tear the house apart looking for the itty bitty bits of titanium. I do not want this hole to close up on me.
tephra: A furry liger-ish dragon portrait in profile (Default)
Important tip for the pierced:

When one has an 18ga hole through one's nostril it is important to remember this fact when using cleansing products, particularly those that are both liquid and astringent.

You'd think after the episode with the extra loopy washcloth and a half healed nostril (wherein the iitty bitty bit of titanium was accidentally ripped from its delicate flesh tunnel in an exquisitely painful manner) I'd think of things like this before I discover them empirically.

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