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Yes, I intend to write another partial novel this year. I have no idea what I am going to write but the odds are it will be something in the science fiction and fantasy continuum as usual.

Also as usual, I've been getting pings off my older NaNo attempts. Last year's story was really hard to write, I spent the first half of the month whining (sorry Kris!) and writing was about as easy and pleasant as pulling teeth. Once I moved the story from England to New England it started rolling for me and ended up picking up things I hadn't expected, like alchemy and alchemists that aren't what they seems and occult books that manipulate events and people around them... and Lovecraft's cousin. Needless to say that story is a bit of a mess. The last few days have found my brain turning that tangled knot in all directions and tugging on things that look like they might lead to loose ends. I think I might know how to untangle it now.

And that is how I know that NaNo is coming, because my brain never gets enchanted with the older stories until it knows it has to start coming up with a new one.
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First, as of 10:32pm EST yesterday:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

50,041 words in one scrambled mess that might be salvageable if I work on it some more. I need a break first though, the characters were getting whiny in that last 2000 words or so.

The same night I finished this:

Red Wombat - "Front" REd Wombat - "Back

Yes, it's the wombat from Ursula Vernon's ([livejournal.com profile] ursulav @ LJ) "Red Wombat Tea Co." labels.

My tension was all over the place because I'm practicing knitting continental style in order to have one yarn in each hand. Toward the end I was getting the hang of it. It may even out some in the wash, but the green yarn had many weak spots so I'm a bit afraid of tossing it in the washer.

I don't think I'll ever convert to continental knitting entirely, it makes my left hand hurt something awful, but for double knitting and stranded colorwork it's an handy skill.

For my next trick I shall learn to knit backwards so that I don't have to turn my work for things like bobbles (which I don't like and therefore don't anticipate knitting many of) and entrelac (which I do like the look of).

And my Thanksgiving day knitting:

Heating Pad Cover - WIP 2

It's four inches long now so I added two and a half to three inches in about four hours of knitting. Just eleven more inches to go.... (I think this might cure me of my vague urges to knit a skirt and jacket with this stitch pattern.)
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I'm still behind on my word count for NaNoWriMo but I'm catching up. I should have been at 35k today but I just broke 30. I should be caught up in two more days, three at most. And if I keep up my current pace I will pull ahead.

On the knitting front, I've mostly doing the knitting equivalent of doodling. I haven't worked on my sweater this month, it just takes too much time to do a set of rows. I haven't worked on my shawl since July so I'll probably pick that up again after NaNo with the sweater.

Things I have knit since the last knitting update:

Click for pictures. )
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Ian returned to the room with a suspiciously thick book, about twice the thickness of most pocket diaries of the size, a small box, and a pair of keys. The last was just a bit too much for Sarah.

"You have a lock and key fetish don't you?" She clapped an hand over her mouth in the next instant, blushing fiercely, "I'm sorry, that was incredibly inappropriate. I'm sorry."

Prudence laughed, a delighted and full throated chortle, "I knew you had a wicked turn of mind, dear cousin!"

Ian just blinked, staring at them both, "I suppose I do, actually, is it that obvious?" He managed to look oblivious and confused just long enough for Sarah to start to wonder if he really was that guileless, and then he broke into a wicked smile and winked at her. "If you want to know for certain I'm sure I could free up an evening for you, dearest Sarah."

Unedited, needless to say, but I am amused. I had no idea Ian would be such a flirt when I started writing him.


Nov. 6th, 2008 11:48 pm
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Well this year isn't off to a good start so I've been not saying much. To remedy that, a word count widget to make my pathetic attempt more public.

I seriously need to figure out what Prudence is trying to get from the clockwork and alchemy shop under the street. Knowing what she's looking to do would be so very helpful in getting something written. :D

Edit: Widget may be up or down as it is hosted off NaNoWriMo's site and they are pretty much a yoyo.
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Of course the local positions were mostly running unopposed so that wasn't much effort. Just two propositions this time, one I waffled on and now wish I had voted the other way even though I know in the end it doesn't matter because it won't pass anyway. The other I was very sure on.

Now for lunch, and then I had better figure out how to bash out about 5k on my NaNo at the least.
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Yes, I am doing NaNoWriMo.
No, I am not making the first day's word count.
No, I'm not worried about that.

If you have some steampunky inspiration hanging around, feel free to toss it this way. Prudence is getting antsy.

The cats have started NaNoHaMo, National Novel Hampering Month. They have thus far blocked a theoretical 1300 words or so.


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