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So here it is, about five and a half hours to NaNo'07 kick off, and Sierna (the main character from NaNo'06) is chattering her little hamsterish head off about how the kinless are treated in her home culture.

WTF hamstergirl? Where was this info this time last year?

Yes, yes, I'll start a TiddlyWiki for you. I promise to stick these little details in there and get back to them later. Maybe I'll be insane enough to do NaNoFiMo with your story, okay? But I swear, if this year's NaNo actually ends at 50k (unlike yours, which is what, half, maybe?) I'm doing NaNoEdMo for it instead and you'll just have to wait since you didn't speak up all year.
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Because Sierna has instrument lust for Waterphones.

Something that sounds like her beloved aeolian harps, chimes, and the wind blowing through the canyon? She wants it. (She doesn't know what whales are or what they sound like, but there's a significant amount of whale song in the sound of the thing.)

Well she's heading east, probably along the coast, I'm sure I can arrange for her to encounter one of these things. :)

Current music downloaded from the website linked above.

I did it!

Nov. 26th, 2006 10:54 pm
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us By only 12 words so far but I still have more story to write.

My first NaNoWriMo and I did it with days to spare!

Now I just need to figure out what happens next.

Sierna just got herself in a jam and I'm not sure just how it's all going to hit the fan or how I'll get her out of it.

The sentence that put me over the line:

Sierna knew then that she'd gotten herself into a bit of trouble by accepting the dance.

Well I didn't say it was a good sentence.

Also, there was no deliberate padding of the word count, though I did skip forward to write a scene that came to mind when I stuck early on and haven't managed to get the story to the point where it links up to it yet....
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I'm about 673 words behind where I want to be but it's still plausible to get to 50k by midnight Saturday.

Saturday is anime night so I need to really pile on the words tomorrow. If I miss the self imposed Saturday deadline I'm sure I'll hit 50k on Sunday. I was just hoping to finish with a 2k per day average so an extra day won't bother me too much, and it's still before the 30th, which is awesome.

I have learned that I'm not really a "small amounts a day, every day" sort of writer. I really need a day or two off a week to get the heck away from the story.

If you're curious about my progress since the first there's a handy widget on NaNoWriMo's site. Note that the "Written" column goes from midnight to midnight so some days, most notably the 22nd and 23rd, don't represent words written in a session. I actually only wrote about 2k today, the extra 800 or so were from last night's session that rolled over at midnight.

For the heck of it, EditPad's statistics on the file:
                   File size: 243,449 bytes
        Number of paragraphs:   2,422
             Number of words:  45,220
Number of letters and digits: 187,595
        Number of characters: 195,402

Edit: Well dang, I'm 18th out of 267 for wordcount in my region.
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I've missed a few of these lately.

42,393 words

Goal: 50k by midnight Saturday

If I stick with writing either Zephyr or Sierna I should make it. Writing Nikkol is like pulling teeth and he was part of why I fell behind schedule last week.

I'm not sure how writing Runil, Xelfi, and the two other (currently unnamed) scouts will go. Logically they should be written between Zephyr and Sierna's parts though, and I'm not sure just what they're going to find where they are heading either.

Current locations of the major players in this rambling story:
Sierna - on the Southern coast, in a back room at a bar of dubious legality talking with a cross dressing (probably) apprentice priest, I suspect he's going to be traveling with her soon
Nikkol - on the southern slope of the Northern mountains returning to his village with a sack full of not precisely legally obtained scrolls
Zephyr - midway back to the Inner Dwells of the Valley of the Wind with a young Roam scholar who just spent an hour or so staring at his naked ass to keep from freaking out about being underground in a cramped tunnel
Runil - about nine days away from a settlement known to be a bit hostile to Roams like him, he's hoping there won't be a "diplomatic incident" because the sort of diplomacy they have is a bit rudimentary

And the not so major players:
Rizma - presumably heading back up river to the Lower Dwells. She's currently out of the story.
Chirru - in the room with Sierna and the priest and making sure nothing too kinky goes on.
Aksem - sitting in the bar and guarding the escape route and chatting with his sister the bartender.
Yagen and his wife Narna - waiting for Nikkol to get back home. I'm really hoping they don't share any more information about their sex life with him.
Jirlun - blissfully unaware that his little sister just spent quality time staring at Zephyr's ass.
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Well I'm not going to make it to 40,000 today, but I'm at 38,153 so I can live with it.

I'll definitely have 40k tomorrow, and I'm going to try to stay at this over 3k a day pace I've had for the last couple days.

If I squeeze in another couple hundred words I'll be back at my "three days ahead" schedule I had last week too.
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35,085 after skipping Friday due to my hands acting up and Saturday just because I got lazy.

I'm going to try to get to 40,000 in the next 24 hours. I probably won't make it but it would be nice. 37,500 would be acceptable though.

And it occurs to me I said this when I'm writing Nikkol. *head!desk* He's so hard to write. He doesn't really click and come alive for me when he's off on his own. If it were Zephyr or Sierna I'd be lot more likely to reach 40k in 24 hours.
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I had some vague idea of maybe trying to hit 35,000 today but my hands are just not up to it.

I've had problems with my hands for a good decade now and even with the glucosamine and chondroitin I'm taking daily, and the gloves I've been wearing while I type, my hands are just screaming "WTF? NO!" today. I've taken some naproxen sodium to take the edge off and will hope the day of rest will let me get back on track tomorrow.

I do want to be over 35,000 words by midnight Sunday, I was considering trying to hit 40,000 by then. While it's certainly possible to get to 40,000 in two days it might be pushing a bit hard (I know I can get over 4000 words on a day, I've done that the last two Sundays, but it kills my hands and makes me start to hate the story.)
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Pronouns! Either I have to do some contortions with English or I'm going to have to make up a set of pronouns.

I totally didn't think about the tech level enough before I started writing. This had led to several things that I'm going to have to work out.

First, travel technology.

I always figured the world was at a level before the invention of the internal combustion engine. There might be some steam toys but wood is too scarce in my main country to make a wood fired steam engine practical. they also don't have any coal to speak of. There might be some steam tech in the northern mining country though.

So without engines how are they getting around? Well in the northern plateau region, probably on foot or astride animals. The topography would work against the use of wheeled carts. I have them using boats on the river but completely forgot to consider just how those boats are propelled. *d'oh!* I have some being poled but that's not very practical for long distance. I'm going to have to go back and mention sails since with the set up I have that would be the most efficient means most of the time (at least in one direction for half a year at a time.) In the southern plains they have wagons and other animal powered wheeled vehicles.

Other technology issues:

Why the hell did not I not think of the people of the valley doing something productive with that wind tunnel they are living in? I need to figure out what they might do with windmills. Grind grain, pump water to the top of the cliffs (or at least up the cliffs for a bit rather than going from the rim to the river for water all the time!), but what else? And what other technologies might those windmills depend on?

For the northern mountains, I need to work out just what level of technology they have in the mines. They're keeping records and such in an old played out mine so they must trust the way they stabilized it. Just what are they mining up there anyway? What's the refining technology like? I have a blacksmith down in the southern continent so there has to be iron working going on.

And the southern region has popped up with two technologies I need to research, glassblowing because I have a character doing that, and wire production. What level of metal working technology makes drawing wire possible?

I'm really stuck with working out how technologies inter-relate and what technologies I didn't consider might have to be present to make the ones I want/need to have available to my characters.

It's okay if I end up with "lost" technology where people don't know why whatever they do works, just that it does. In fact that would work well with my "plot" (such as it is) but I need to know how it works so I can write it.

If I think of anything else I need to work on I'll add it later.
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2174 words today and my novel suddenly has definitively "not nice" people for my protagonists to deal with.

I've been rather nice to my main characters thus far, which probably another sign of bad writing, but Sierna's going to have to be careful or get herself stuck in a really nasty situation now.

And unrelated to that I have a recurring problem with my writing so I'm going to toss it out here for anyone that has a suggestion (like anyone actually reads these updates of mine, but might as well give it a shot.)

Details behind the cut due to length. )


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