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Here's why.

Not that long ago I turned off anonymous comments on my journal because I was getting spammed daily, even with the CAPTCHA enabled. Guess I wasn't the only one getting fed up.
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Seriously, read this. Alternate translation.

Somehow I think SUP missed the fact that the largest non-Russian group on LJ is Americans. There are some fundamental differences in philosophy they are ignoring, or just can't wrap their heads around.

More commentary found on JournalFen, and InsaneJournal. Both of these communities are full of people that like digging up the dirt, so I recommend watching both of them if you are interested in the alleged attempt to get blackmail material on Brad by hiring a prostitute for him.

And yeah, the "protest" wasn't likely to be effective and I was basically ignoring it for that reason, but if it will really piss off SUP I'm for it. Don't expect me around LJ on Friday. (Maybe I'll actually make content that I won't mirror here and put it on my IJ and maybe JF accounts.)
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No more basic free accounts after the 11th.

So if you have a free basic account don't change it to plus for any reason or you'll be stuck with ads cluttering up your layout. Or you'll have to pay to get rid of them.

And of course there's nothing saying they won't decide to give everyone an "account upgrade" and turn all basic accounts into "plus" accounts to plaster ads all over them.

Edit: According to a support volunteer here if your user ID is under 15136000 you can still convert back to the ad-free basic account. At least for now.
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You might want to read this.

Cutting to the chase: Unless you opt out, all your public posts (in your journal and in communities) can be included in the Explore LJ feature.

Before you blow it off as "public is public" it might be good to consider that communities can't opt-out, only journals, so if you don't opt out you might bring a community that would prefer to stay out of the spotlight into it with your posts. I've chosen to be nice to the mods of communiites I'm part of and opted out so my posts can't be spotlighted and bring in trolls. Thankfully the majority of the communities I myself mod are all friends locked and therefore protected.

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