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So I can now read LJ/JF/IJ/GF and my email without fear of spoilers. Yay!

Between my mother's doctor appointments, and my father's doctor appointments, yesterday and today were the only days I really had time to do anything with Mom. And even then she had appointments both days.

The Jeep needs some work so I'll be going with her for her 7:15am appointment for her MRI (WTF, who makes appointments at that hour?) and dropping my Jeep off on the way so the shocks can be replaced. Once again there have been unforeseen bills to keep me from getting the AC recharged so I'm sweating out the weeks here quite literally. Realistically I only really need AC for the few weeks I'm here but man, when the Jeep has been sitting in a parking lot for a few hours on a bright sunny day in the mid-80s I really want the AC fixed. *dies*

For those wondering when I'm heading home... well I expect I'll be here for another week. We'll see if Mom is up for the things we didn't get to do on her normal days off... schedule permitting. Once I know one way on the other on those I'll have a better idea of when I'll be heading back.
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I have way too much stuff.

I spent the day rearranging my room and assembling a new, smaller, desk for my PC. The monitor takes up a hell of a lot of space and the keyboard shelf is a bit too small to make using the mouse on it really easy but I can use the mouse on the desk surface when doing mouse intensive things so it will work out okay.

The room seems a lot bigger now, which is very cool. Now I just have to sort the detritus and figure out where I'm going to put it all. The Jeep still has stuff in it (the monster color laser for one) and somewhere in there is a box with my speakers. I actually know exactly what box and where but the rest of the box contents require me to clear a shelf or two in one of the bookcases so that might be a while. I'll just use another set of speakers in the mean time.
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The jeep is still packed. I have a high resistance to cleaning you see and there's no room for anything in the house yet. I'll bring in stuff I can just put in the closet but the bigger stuff will have to wait for a bit longer.

I found more rose hip recipes, I'm still leaning toward making jelly but the crumble pie sounds interesting.

I'm suffering from a general need to be creative and none of my established hobbies are leaping out at me to satisfy it. Though sewing seems to be pulling the strongest. That of course requires me to clean the room that holds the sewing machine....
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Been busy the last couple days, most of it uninteresting.

Jeeps and Hair and Stuphâ„¢ oh my! )

On a completely unrelated note, has anyone else noticed WinAmp 5.03 doesn't seem to pick up OGG files if you tell it to add an entire directory (recurse into subdirectories) to the playlist? Is there a solution to this other than remembering what music you have in OGG format?

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