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I asked someone that was volunteering to translate Japanese knitting patterns about this and I've tried swatching it based on what they said the pattern says... but it's not working very well. So if anyone reads Japanese and is really bored I'd appreciate a second (or third, or fourth) opinion.

The pattern this is from has a very wide, very flat, cable down the front (it is a generous third of the front, easily) and the way the person translated the instructions pulls in the cable far too much in my swatch, no matter how I "massage" it to work.
tephra: A furry liger-ish dragon portrait in profile (Default)
I'm watching a musical. A Japanese musical. Based on the Prince of Tennis.

Yes, I have odd hobbies.

Other than occasional giggle fits due to my having read a fair number of yaoi doujinshi there's not a lot to say about it other than "Damn! That's a lot of English loan words!"

I've referred to English as a Borg language before, because, let's face it, English assimilates anything it finds useful or interesting. From the sounds of it Japanese thinks this is a grand idea and is glomping onto English with glee.

I think that's rather cool. :)

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