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For anyone that cares and hasn't seen the answer yet, I grabbed this off the IJ Twitter feed:
  • I am having a major problem with my hosting provider .. I will update the status soon
  • The hosting company screwed up and turned off our database servers. They don't open for another 2 hours
  • I will know more about what is going on in about an hour. Keep an eye here for an update.
  • My hosting company f-ed up .. They canceled the databases and are telling me I can't have them back
  • I have a copy of the db from about a month ago. I will work on getting that one back up and running asap
  • I am working with the hosting company. I might be able to get a hold of the data. I will know in 1/2 hours
  • 1-2 hours not 30 minutes

So if you somehow missed the slow downs on IJ lately now you have another sign that the hosting company needs to be changed.

ETA from the Twitter: It appears that I will be able to get the databases back,. I will update again soon when I know more
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Squeaky has made permanent accounts available again to raise funds to move to a larger provider that can handle the bandwidth needs. IJ has doubled in size in the last 3 months and the old provider just can't take it.

Permanent accounts are now $60. If you already have a paid or permanent account (and if you do why haven't you friended me there yet?) you can get 5000 icon slots for $175.

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