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Well the turkey dinner was yummy (good thing I think I'm a good cook, huh?) and the leftovers are put away. The stripped turkey carcass has been broken up and set to boil for stock in preparation for about a week of eating leftover turkey in various forms (including the ever popular Soup That Heaps.)

I'm craving pie but didn't bake any thing year, nor buy one. :( Note to self, even if I don't normally crave pie I will on Thanksgiving. Make or buy pie next year. I wonder how busy Big Boy will be tomorrow, maybe we could go out for pie and coffee....

I opened the refrigerator pickles even though they should still sit for a week. They're already delicious. :) The cauliflower is a pale pink from the red onion, which is both a bit weird and kind of nifty. I have yet to try the onion or snow peas, partly because I'd have to dig in the jar to get to them and partly because I'm not feeling that daring today.

I hope everyone had a pleasant turkey day!
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Color! I'm still unhappy with my cell shading skills, it's so tempting to go in and blur things.

[personal profile] hafoc has dubbed her Violet and she doesn't seem to mind the name so that's what I shall call her.

I'm also tempted to see what I could come up with using "screentone" on her. Maybe I'll try that on a "nothing is working" art day.

I still need to finish up that raver-ish bat girl come to think of it.

And a ton of other stuff.

Including two commissions.

And some smut.
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Just in case I don't get this colored in time, the line art (created from the scanned pencils, not inked).

Happy Oestre! (Or Ostara or Eostar or Eastre* or whatever)

*Not a typo, apparently a name of the fertility and rebirth goddess that the celebration is about. She has been known to take the form of a hare.... And you always wondered where the Easter Bunny came from. ;>
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Merry Christmas!

Joyous Yule.

Happy (belated) Solstice.


Let's just say,

Blithesome Chrismahana-kwanzakah!

This "little" elf has been very busy for the last several hours. Sleep now. *thud* *snore*

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