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I heard about it months ago, but at the time I didn't see much use for it. The person that showed it to me was using it as a collaborative idea board and, at that time, it wasn't very friendly to someone just looking around to see what it was all about.

Pinterest has gotten over that little problem. I've only had an account for about a day and a half and I have ten boards and sixty seven pins. I'm sure I will have more by the time I go to bed tonight.

See, I have had this huge bookmark file that I've moved from browser to browser and PC to PC for about fifteen years. It had more than 3500 bookmarks before I ran my latest "find me all the dead links so I can dump them" tool (Check Places add-on for Firefox). Sadly, an automated pruning program doesn't help as much these days as it did years ago, too many domains get parked and links redirect rather than nicely returning a 404 or other useful error codes. So I've been manually cleaning up after the first rough pass and dumping bookmarks left and right. I still have in excess of 2300 of them though.

What does this have to do with Pinterest and my obsession with it? Well that has to do with how I ended up with so many bookmarks in the first place. I wasn't just bookmarking interesting sites, I was bookmarking interesting pages, or even parts of pages. Basically one bookmark per idea rather than overall concept. I don't think I was the only one doing this.

Pinterest gives me a place to put all those "ooh, shiny!" moments without having to add a bookmark into an increasingly convoluted set of folders. Granted, at the moment I'm still sorting out my boards, which are enough like folders that I'm sure they'll multiply like proverbial rabbits, and some things I'd like to put on more than one board, which you can't do right now (maybe in the future... I can hope), but it does give me a nicely laid out visually oriented way to see all those neat things. So the bookmark file is shrinking to things I actually use and all those "hey, that's a cool use for an old light globe and a half burned out string of Christmas lights", "that recipe looks tasty", and "cool, living bridges!" bits are getting pinned.

Of course looking at what other people are pinning is also helping my boards fill... but at least they aren't adding more bookmarks because I just repin them to one of my boards.

Currently if you request an invitation at the site you'll probably get one in under 12 hours (I did). Or you can drop me your email and I can send one to you. If I'm online (which, lets face it, I usually am if I'm not sleeping) you'll get it faster, and you'll probably be linked up as my friend automatically rather than having to hunt me down (I'm Tephra there).

One downside, you are required to have a Facebook or Twitter account to sign up even if you have an invitation. They use that to give you a seed set of people to watch. You can remove those people, and disassociate your account, once your account is created.

A good day

Apr. 15th, 2010 02:13 pm
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It's warm out, but no unpleasantly so.

It's breezy, but not too windy.

The windows are open and I can hear all of our wind chimes.

Though I do wish I had a bamboo set at the back of the house, the sound from the set on the porch doesn't carry well enough to be heard in my room over the copper set at the sliding door in the living room. I know Big Lots has some lovely inexpensive bamboo sets, or did when I was in there last, but they simply aren't in my budget (nothing is these days).

But still, a warm day full of wind chimes is a good day. :)


Apr. 7th, 2009 03:17 pm
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My favorite skirt from back in my grad school days fits1 again! I love this skirt to pieces, it's black with a vaguely Victorian rose pattern. The fabric is sheer and crinkly and it's put together in tiers with the last tier being short enough to be judged a ruffle. Even though it's tiered it hangs very straight and even though it's sheer it is lined to mid calf (with an nearly as sheer fabric, but it is enough). But the things that make it awesome are that it is long, the ruffle rests on the tops of my feet, and it has movement. Walking in this skirt is amazing because it swirls around like liquid without getting tangled up around my legs.

If you listen carefully you can probably hear my *squee!* of joy at being able to wear this skirt again. Walking out to the mailbox was fun even if it is spitting snow right now. :D

1. For a value of "fit" where I put it on over my head and squish the boobs through before snugging it down to my waist. It won't go over my hips. This is exactly how it fit when I bought it.
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I went to the expensive place for my haircut and I should just suck it up and go there all the time because the extra $4 means I get a freaking awesome haircut. Thank you very much, Dixie!

The good mood today is probably the result of the awesomeness of the hair cut and the fact that I am wearing jeans I have not been able to wear since I left Tucson, size 28 and not stretch denim. :D

Stopped at the Dollar Tree and Walmart for a few travel items. Walmart Optical says my glasses should be ready tomorrow, I really hope that's true because the old pair is on the rapid decline to unwearable unless I figure out a way to fix the ear piece on the right bow.

And I have to wonder about the sizing system used by White Stag (one of the brands that Walmart carries much of). I tried on a 4X shirt and pants, which are labeled as 26/28W... *mimes lifting her arms and looking at extra fabric around her bust* the hell? I didn't bother to try the 3X stuff today but if my glasses really are ready tomorrow I think I will.

I just tried on the trouser socks I bought at Dollar Tree, figuring for a buck I could wear them in my granny boots or something where they could slouch around my ankles after failing to reach my knees. The no name queen sized ones get as far as mid calf, which means they will be slouching about my ankles as expected.

The George ones, for shoe sizes 8-12 and not plus sized at all, actually go to my knee. OMGWTF?! I am SO getting more of these for a buck a pair. I can't remember the last time I got knee high any sort of sock that actually stretched over my calves and made it to my knee. And bonus points for being brown on brown zebra stripes. :D
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Or I missed them finding it.

A dragon made of CAKE!

And he's (she's?) a gamer, or snacks on them, there's a d20 there under that foreclaw. :D
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Set to Tool's Lateralus, loaded with series spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Thanks to this post by CraftyHippie on Craftster I now have a source for $5 casual summer shoes.

Most people have no occasion to be aware that those cheap White Stag shoes at WalMart often run up to size 12. I generally just check the bins of the Keds knock offs (with little luck) but the ones with the elastic gores frequently have at least a few pairs of 12s. Until I read the above linked post I never paid much attention to that since the elastic gore made them impossible to wear with my very high instep.

She's right, the gore comes right out clean with just a seam ripper.

Pity they never seem to have 12W shoes in those bins, but so far these seem comfortable enough with thin socks. :) And if they only last a summer, well they were only $5.

*contemplates the things she can do with a supply of cheap black, white, and sometimes navy, kakhi, or red, canvas shoes*
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But I ordered myself a birthday gift with birthday cash. Namely Knitting Patterns Book 250. Yes, it is Japanese.

Now I just need to find a good source for cheap, yet nice, summer minded yarn so I can make myself some lace tees.
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I almost ordered these. In purple.

I'm really boggled that I could possibly get glasses, with my choice of lens shape in that frame, for under $25 after shipping (under $30 if I got the anti-glare coating, and under $35 if I also got the clip on sunglasses).

It seems far too good to be true.

My current glasses are a year old and I was thrilled to get them for only $150 (compared to the nearly $500 Walmart quoted for basically the same glasses). But unlike the frames from my previous pair the bows touch my temples with this, leaving the oh so attractive dent and letting my skin chemistry play havoc on the frames.

Well I bookmarked the page. We'll see what comes. I probably should fork over $60 for an eye exam again "soon", it will be two years in August. If the deal is still sitting there I can hardly quibble at $30 for glasses after a $60 exam.
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I bought shoes at Payless!

*sees all the blank stares*

Ah, allow me to rephrase, I bought women's shoes at Payless today.

Shockingly, I can wear some size 12 women's shoes (much like I can wear some size 10 men's shoes).

I discovered this last week when I tried on a pair of fake patent leather peep toe wedges. The foot goes in, and if the vamp were a bit lower, or a bit stretchier, they'd even be comfy.

Today I went in to see if they had anything new (they didn't) but the wedges were still there and I was wearing nylons today, so I tried them again. Both feet, even walked around a bit. Still a bit too tight so I put them back and tried on some other stuff I hadn't last week. I found some really nice "ballet slipper" style shoes with ribbons that tie around the ankles but again, vamp needed to be a bit lower or stretchier so I reluctantly put them back.

The saleswoman stopped by when I was trying out some really cute sneaker/sandal things and pondering buying them. And we chatted and I mentioned that I was surprised that I was fitting into 12s and that the peep toes were really cute and just so close to fitting....

"Those come in wide, do you want me to see if I can find a pair?"

OMG. "Yes, please!"

And they found a pair in the store in Roscommon and they will come on the next truck up sometime next week.

I bought a pair of shoes I don't need because I could, from a store, in my town, for $10.

[insert insane internal happy dances here]

So while she was hunting shoes for me I pondered the sneaker/sandal things. They were actually rather comfy. And cute. But white and baby blue? I put them aside while I looked to see what else I might try and, hey, there are the cute sneaker things in black! And they fit like the white ones!

I bought them (photo taken with my foot braced on the edge of my bed, pretty much shooting down my shin, so some distortions should be expected):
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And, if the white ones are still there when I pick up the peep toes I might be tempted to get them too... but $25 is a lot easier to resist than $10.


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