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So I went out and did some errands today. I got my hair cut, it's back to an above the collar/chin length bob. While the cut itself isn't really "cute" it seems to be making me look cute. This is a profoundly strange thing to me.

After getting the hair cut I wandered over to Payless, no real reason to but I wanted to see if I could find some decent, cheap, slip-on shoes for traveling. Being able to get your shoes off/on quickly is a bonus when traveling by air these days. They had one pair of shoes like the ones I wore for about 5 years (before the soles gave out) and they fit! Turns out that Rugged Outback (the brand of the pair I wore to death) changed their name to State Street. Guess the brand of the new pair. :)

I also chatted with the woman working there about the hassles of finding larger shoes, which lead to transvestites, Trash (an "alternative" shop on Main Street), the surprising weirdness in Gaylord, piercings, and hair dye. It was fun. :)

Then I figured I'd check Fashion Bug for jeans. Despite the number of larger women I see around town there's not a lot of larger size clothing. Walmart, last I checked, topped out at 26, Kmart had a few 28s, so it was Fashion Bug or Dress Barn and I never have luck at Dress Barn. Fashion Bug tops out at 28. I figured, what the hell, I'll try some of the 28s. The last pair I tried on (at Kmart) I could button so maybe I'd get lucky and one of the stretch designs would work. I didn't expect it to work, and for the two pairs I tried on first it didn't, in fact I'm pretty sure those brands have to run small. When you find yourself trying to suck in your butt you know it's a lost cause. But the last pair...

OMFG. They make my ass look good.

They're some variant of low rise but not dramatically, they're some variant of bootcut bordering on bell bottom... but they make my ass look good.

They're designed for someone with less belly and fewer years than myself but... they make my ass look good.

So I bought them.

Awesome studded belt (that actually fits) included as an extra bonus.

So I'm feeling very broke now (even compared to my normal very broke feeling) but at least my ass looks good. :)
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One of the errands to be completed before Anthrocon was a haircut. The wait at the salon inside the super Walmart was about 45 minutes so I scooted over to Fiesta. Now I used to get my hair cut there a few years back (before I went back to Massachusetts for a couple years and got spoiled by Leigh at Connie's Salon) and I was okay with them, they just aren't as conveniently located as Walmart these days.

Anyway, I said I wanted an asymmetric bob, longer in front, severely stacked or wedged in back because I hate hair that flips out.

This is not the cut I got.

What I got was shorter in the front, and reverse stacked so it would flip out.

Now as you may recall from a previous post, I can't see without my glasses. I didn't know that my hair was being cut this way until it was far too late. I did get the back shortened up though so the front is nearly as long as the back but other than that there's not a lot to do about things until it grows out some.

Fortunately the new cut is cute, even when it is flipping out. Also fortunate is the fact that my hair laughs in the face of The Flip and wants to roll under anyway. Once the styling products are washed out it may roll under with little help. There is an upside as well, it cut a lot of the old bleach and dye damage out.

In the mean time I must deal with the fact that someone managed to make me look good with cute hair.

I don't do cute.

I am not cute.

But my hair is. For now.
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We're ba-ack!

Actually, we've been back for at least half an hour but we had to give the kitties some lovin' and admire how much the kittens have grown. :)

The weather wasn't quite as nasty as last year, we only had about 100 miles of blowing snow rather than the whole drive and it wasn't snowing as heavily either.

I'm going to download mail and maybe browse some of my missed LJ friends' posts but I'm not going to stay up for long. I'm going to force myself to keep to that.
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Finished packing, heading out to FC tomor... later today. :)
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Actually, I don't do a lot at cons these days other than talk to people I know and don't see often.  Which should be expected I suppose, AC2004 was my 17th furry con after all.  For those going "didn't she say it was her 15th at the con"... I forgot about CF9 and miscounted. Just in case I'm still miscounting, that's every Anthrocon, every Further Confusion, and ConFURences 8 and 9.  I'm not counting whatever it was that I went to with a group of Toronto Furs in late 1997. Read more... )

And it's now time for something completely different:

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Batty is one twisted little fruitbat.  Darkk, apparently, is just twisted . ;>

And for someone that isn't real [livejournal.com profile] normanrafferty gives good hugs.

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